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What’s New in Syncfusion Vue UI Components


What’s New in Syncfusion Vue UI Components

In 2024 Volume 2, the Vue toolkit receives new MultiColumn ComboBox and OTP Input components; z-order support, improved undo/redo, and better save options in the Image Editor; and support for notes and printing in the Spreadsheet.

What’s New seaprator What’s New in Syncfusion Vue UI Components


New components

The following components have been added for Vue:

  • MultiColumn ComboBox
  • OTP Input

Preview to production-ready components

The following components have been developed to meet industry standards. They are now production-ready components for Vue:

  • Timeline
  • TextArea

Fluent 2 theme support

A new Fluent 2 theme has been added for Vue components.

Fluent 2 theme for Vue UI components

CLDR NPM package

A new CLDR NPM package supports internationalization without third-party dependencies.


Animation on data update

This feature allows users to add, remove, or update data with smooth animation effects.

Vue Chart Animation on Data Update

Candle chart animation

This feature supports animations for adding, removing, or updating data in all chart types, from line charts to financial charts.

Vue Candle Chart Animation on Data Update

Click to add or remove points

This feature allows users to get point information based on the pointer coordinates during chart mouse events and use the point information to add or remove points in the chart.

Vue Chart Click to add and remove point

Word Processor

Content control

The Word Processor allows users to add the new content control or modify an existing one, and bind data to content controls in a Word document. It supports various content controls like Rich Text, Plain Text, Picture, Check Box, Combo Box, Drop Down List, and Date Picker. With this feature, users can easily design fillable templates, fill forms, and bind data to and from content controls in a Word document. The document’s author can restrict editing for certain parts by locking content control as non-editable or add non-removable placeholders in the Word document by locking content control as can’t delete.

Illustration of content control in the Vue Word Processor component.

Disable individual items

This feature allows individual items to be disabled or enabled based on specific scenarios. Users cannot interact with the disabled items or select them as values within the component.

Vue Dropdown Components disable individual items

Unavailable individual items

This feature supports making individual items available or unavailable for specific scenarios. Unavailable items cannot be selected as values within the control.

Vue Dropdown List disabled individual items

File Manager

Flat data

This feature supports rendering flat data as an array of JSON objects in the File Manager, removing the need for AJAX requests and back-end URL configuration. You can explore a demo of this feature here.

Vue File Manager with flat data.

Gantt Chart

Timeline template

We are pleased to introduce the timeline template feature in the Gantt Chart. This feature allows you to customize the appearance of timeline cells by using templates. You can now display images, buttons, or other custom content within the timeline cells, making your Gantt Chart more informative and visually appealing.

Template support for timeline cells in Vue Gantt Chart.

Different working time range for each day

We have added support to define different working time ranges for each day of the week. This enhancement allows for more flexibility in scheduling and managing tasks, accommodating varying work hours for different weekdays.

Different working time ranges for days in Vue Gantt Chart.

Improvements in error handling

The actionFailure event notifies developers when the Gantt configurations are handled incorrectly on the application end. We have enhanced this event to cover more cases, providing developers with better feedback and diagnostics when issues occur. This improvement will help ensure that any configuration errors are quickly identified and resolved.


ODataV4 routing convention

Enhances the DataManager ODataV4 Adaptor to support users’ custom action methods alongside the default GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE methods. This feature facilitates performing CRUD operations by invoking custom action methods when binding the ODataV4 service to the Grid.

Performance improvement

We are excited to announce significant performance improvements for Lazy load grouping with sorting functionality. These improvements are particularly beneficial in scenarios involving multiple columns for grouping or sorting large datasets in a grid. Below are the performance metrics comparing the previous release with the current 2024 Volume 2 release for 100,000 records across 5 columns:

Action Old release Current 2024 Volume 2 release
Single column grouping 10000 ms to 20000 ms 300 ms to 600 ms
Multiple column grouping (3) Page unresponsive 300 ms to 600 ms
Single column sorting Above 20000 ms 250 ms to 500 ms
Multiple column sorting (3) Page unresponsive 250 ms to 500 ms

Image Editor

Annotation enhancement

The latest update to our Image Editor significantly improves the annotation feature. Users can now draw multiple annotations simultaneously, enhancing productivity and creative flexibility. Furthermore, every action, including customizations, will be tracked in the undo/redo collection, ensuring a seamless user experience and making it easier to experiment with different designs.

Z-order support

We are excited to introduce z-order support in the Image Editor, a powerful tool that allows users to adjust the positioning of annotations. This feature is particularly useful for designing personalized templates like greeting cards or posters, where managing the layering of multiple annotations is crucial for a polished final product.

Types of z-order adjustments

  • Send Backward: Switch the selected annotation with the annotation one layer behind.
  • Send to Back: Move the selected annotation to behind all other annotations.
  • Bring to Front: Move the selected annotation to ahead of all other annotations.
  • Bring Forward: Switch the selected annotation with the annotation one layer ahead.

Vue Image Editor z-order.

Save support enhancement

Users can now save an image with a specified file name, file type, and image quality. This enhancement provides more control over the output, ensuring that users can save their work exactly as they need it.

Vue Image Editor save as.

MultiColumn ComboBox (preview)

The Vue MultiColumn ComboBox is a dropdown component that displays detailed information about items in a table-like structure with multiple columns. It provides comprehensive data about the selected value, offering more context than typical single-string text lists.

Key features

  • Data binding: Supports data binding from JavaScript object arrays and remote data sources using adapters like OData, URLs, and Web APIs.
  • Grouping: Allows grouping of pop-up list items to enhance the user experience by organizing related items.
  • Filtering: Provides advanced filtering capabilities to easily find and select items from large datasets.
  • Sorting: Allows sorting of items in ascending or descending order and single or multi-column sorting.
  • Virtualization: Supports virtualization to efficiently display large datasets by loading data on demand.
  • Templates: Allow customization of the appearance and layout, including header, footer, and list items in the pop-up list using templates.

Vue MultiColumn ComboBox

OTP Input (preview)

The Vue OTP input is a form component that is used to input one-time passwords (OTP) during multi-factor authentication processes. It provides extensive customization options, allowing users to change input types, placeholders, separators, and more to suit their specific needs.

Key features

  • Input types: Allow specifying the input type as text, number, or password for the OTP input.
  • Styling modes: Offer built-in styling options such as underline, outline, or fill.
  • Placeholders: Allow setting a hint character for each input field, indicating the expected value.
  • Separators: Specify a character to be placed between input fields.
  • Customization: Allows customizing the default appearance, including input field styling, input length, and more.

Vue OTP Input

PDF Viewer

Enhancements in organize pages

These enhancements make organizing and managing your PDF documents more flexible and user-friendly.

  • Move pages: Reorder pages within your document effortlessly.
  • Copy pages: Easily create copies or duplicates of existing pages.
  • Undo and redo changes: Instantly undo or redo changes made in the organize pages dialog, ensuring a seamless editing experience.

Organize Pages in PDF Viewer

Query Builder

Drag-and-drop support

The Query Builder component now includes a drag-and-drop feature, allowing users to reposition rules or groups effortlessly within the Query Builder. This enhancement provides a more intuitive way to construct and modify queries.

Vue Query Builder drag and drop.

Separate connector support

The separate connector feature in the Query Builder component enables users to integrate standalone connectors between rules or groups within the same group. This allows for greater flexibility, as users can connect rules or groups using different connectors, enhancing the complexity and precision of query construction.

Vue Query Builder separate connector.



This feature allows users to provide additional cell information. They can easily add, edit, and delete notes.

Vue Spreadsheet Notes


This feature allows users to print the active worksheet or the entire workbook directly. Additionally, users can customize their printouts by choosing to display or hide row and column headers, as well as gridlines.

JSON serialization

This feature adds a serialization option in the SaveAsJson method, allowing users to extract cell values without formatting or formulas, like a CSV file.


Improvements in error handling

The actionFailure event notifies developers when the TreeGrid configurations are handled incorrectly on the application end. We have enhanced this event to cover more cases, providing developers with better feedback and diagnostics when issues occur. This improvement will help ensure that any configuration errors are quickly identified and resolved.

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