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What’s New in Essential Studio for Flutter


What’s New in Essential Studio for Flutter

Enhance your Flutter apps with new Treemap and Linear Gauge widgets, web support for the PDF Viewer, null safety, and compatibility with desktop platforms.


  • New Treemap and Linear Gauge widgets have been added.
  • All our packages are now Flutter 2.0 compatible.
  • All the packages migrated to null-safety.
  • All the widgets are now compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux except PDF Viewer.
Flutter SfLinearGauge widget | Syncfusion

Linear Gauge (New)

The Flutter Linear Gauge is a data visualization widget that can be used to display data on a linear scale in either horizontal or vertical orientation.

Key Features

  • Orientation - The Linear Gauge can be set to vertical or horizontal orientation.

  • Axis - The Linear Gauge axis is a scale where a set of values can be plotted. An axis can be customized by changing the thickness and edge styles. Users can also inverse the axis.

Linear Gauge axis.

  • Labels and Ticks -The Linear Gauge axis elements, such as labels, major ticks, and minor ticks, can be customized to different styles.

Linear Gauge Labels and Ticks.

  • Ranges - A range is a visual element that helps visualize where a range falls on the axis track quickly. Multiple ranges with different styles can be added to a linear gauge.

Linear Gauge ranges.

  • Pointers - A pointer is used to indicate a specific value on an axis. The widget has three types of pointers: shape marker, widget marker, and bar. All the pointers can be customized as needed and multiple pointers can added to a linear gauge.

Linear Gauge pointers.

  • Animation - All linear gauge elements can be animated in a visually appealing way. It is possible to animate the gauge elements when they are loading or when their values change.

Linear Gauge animation.

  • Pointer interaction - The shape and widget marker pointers in a Linear Gauge can be moved from one value to another with swipe or drag gestures.

Linear Gauge animation.

What's New for Flutter SfTreemap widget | Syncfusion

Treemap (New)

The Treemap is a data visualization widget that provides an effective way to visualize flat and hierarchical data as rectangles that are sized and colored based on quantitative variables.


Add any type of widgets (like text widget) to improve the readability of the individual tiles by providing brief descriptions on labels.


Use different layouts based on the algorithms such as squarified, slice, and dice to represent flat and hierarchically structured data.


Treemap squarified layout.


Treemap slice layout.


Treemap sice layout.

Hierarchical support

Along with the flat level, treemap supports hierarchical structure too. Each tile of the treemap is a rectangle which is filled with smaller rectangles representing sub-data.

Hierarchical level.


Categorize the tiles on the treemap by customizing their color based on the levels. It is possible to set the tile color for a specific value or for a range of values.

Treemap color mapping.


Display additional information about the tile using a completely customizable tooltip on the treemap.

Treemap tooltip.


Use different legend styles to provide information on the treemap data clearly.

Treemap legend.


Allows you to select the tiles to highlight it and do any specific functionalities like showing pop-up or navigate to a different page.

Treemap selection.

Custom background widgets

Add any type of custom widgets such as image widget as a background of the tiles to enrich the UI and easily visualize the type of data that a particular tile shows.

Treemap customization.


Load more

Loads appointments on demand whenever users switch from one view to another or when scrolling to the start or end position of the schedule view.

Enable or disable navigating the view with swipe interactions.

Current time indicator

The current time indicator displays in the current time slot of the calendar.

Current Time Indicator Flutter Calendar


On-demand loading

Load a certain amount of data initially and then load more data lazily.

On-demand loading.


Display a fixed number of data points in the visible range and view the remaining data by panning.


Date-time category axis

The date-time category axis is a new x-axis type, a mixture of the date-time and category axes.

Date-time category axis.

Marker in trackball tooltip

Like in the series tooltip, you can display markers in the trackball tooltip.

Marker in trackball tooltip.

Trackball and crosshair positions

Change the trackball or crosshair position even after the touch interaction leaves the chart area.

Gradient and image fill

Fill the circular chart data points with a gradient or image shader.

Circular charts shader fill.

Point rendering mode

The circular chart rendering mode can be changed to gradient instead of solid colors.

Point render mode.


Pull to refresh

This feature allows users to refresh data when the DataGrid is pulled down.

Pull to refresh is showing in Flutter DataGrid

Swipe support for rows

Swipe a row right to left or left to right for custom actions such as deleting, editing, and so on. When the user swipes a row, the row will be moved and the swipe view will show the custom actions.

Row swiping is performed in Flutter DataGrid

Programmatic scrolling

Users can scroll to a specific row, column, or cell. Also, users can scroll a row or column based on offset values.

Date Range Picker

Action buttons

Display confirm and cancel buttons in the Date Range Picker and Hijri Date Range Picker to confirm or cancel the selected date values.

Action Buttons Flutter Date Picker

Enable or disable navigating the view with swipe interactions, navigating with free scrolling, and snapping in picker views.


Inverted circle

Support has been provided for applying color to the inverted circle with the inner circle being transparent and the outer portion covered by an overlay color.

Maps inverted circle.

Inverted polygon

Support has been provided for applying color to the inverted polygon with the inner polygon being transparent and the outer portion covered by an overlay color.

Maps inverted polygon.

Legend title

The legend title support has been provided.

Legend title.

PDF Viewer


Web platform support

PDF Viewer now lets you view PDF documents seamlessly and efficiently on the web. It has highly interactive and customizable features such as magnification, virtual scrolling, pagination, text selection, text search, document link navigation, and bookmark navigation.

PDF Viewer Web.

Radial Gauge

Widget pointer

Use any custom widget as a pointer to point out a value in the circular scale.

Widget pointer.

Elevation for pointer

Render a shadow to the pointer to elevate it from other elements in the gauge.

Elevation for pointers.

Overlay for marker pointer

While dragging the marker pointer, display an overlay the same shape as the marker pointer’s.

Overlay for marker pointer.

Range Selector


Accessibility has been improved further to easily use thumbs and control the value changes using volume buttons.

Range Slider

Vertical orientation

Support has been provided to change the range slider orientation to a vertical layout.

Vertical range slider.


Accessibility has been improved further to easily use thumbs and control the value changes using volume buttons.


Vertical orientation

Support has been provided to change the slider orientation to a vertical layout.

Vertical slider.

Excel Library

Some new features are included in the Flutter Excel library to generate more flexible and customized Excel reports.


  • Import data from lists to Excel worksheets.
  • Apply conditional formatting with formula value, color scale, databar, and icon sets.

Flutter XlsIO.

PDF Library

Digital signature

Digitally sign a PDF document using .pfx certificates. The following digest algorithm and cryptographic standards are supported.

Digest algorithms:

  • SHA1
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512

Cryptographic standards:

  • CMS
  • CAdES

Digital signature

PDF form

Create, read, edit, fill, and flatten PDF forms. The PDF form supports the following types of fields.

  • Textbox field.
  • Checkbox field
  • Radio button field
  • List box field
  • Combo box field
  • Button field
  • Signature field

PDF form

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