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What’s New in Essential Studio for JavaScript (Essential JS 2)

The official release of the next generation of Syncfusion JavaScript controls—Essential JS 2—adds new schedule and map controls into the mix.


Essential JS 2 Final Release

Essential JS 2, the only JavaScript toolkit you will ever need, is now final! It includes significant improvements, stability, and new features for major components such as the grid and chart. It is now ready for production applications and has been added to our Essential Studio main build.

It also comes with a new set of Syncfusion’s most-requested and long-awaited components.

  • Schedule
  • Map
  • Date-time picker
  • Slider
  • Sidebar
  • Split button
  • Drop button
  • Upload box
  • Card

Custom resource generator

A new web-based bundling tool has been introduced to reduce the resource file sizes of Essential JS 2 by selectively including components and their features.

High-contrast theme

A new high-contrast theme has been added to enhance component usability for people with vision impairments. This adheres to web accessibility standard WCAG 2.0 Level AAA.

Grid high contrast


Axis crossing

Move the origin of a chart to any point within the chart area.

Axis crossing

Multilevel labels

Customize axis labels in multiple levels.


Date-time category axis

A new date-time category axis has been added.

Datetime Category Axis

Spline area

Spline area series type has been added to chart.

Spline Area

Multicolored line and area

Multicolored line type and area type series have been added to chart.

Multi-colored Line

Multi-colored Range

Multi-colored Area

Label inside position

Move the axis label inside the chart area.


Title wrap

Wrap chart titles.



Sort the data points of a chart in either ascending or descending order.



SVG and PDF export

Export to SVG and PDF support has been added.

What's New for ESSENTIAL-JS2 DataManager | Syncfusion

Data Manager

Diacritic-insensitive filtering

The data manager can perform diacritic-insensitive searching and filtering in your data source. This functionality can be selectively enabled in all components that have a data manager dependency.


Check box

A new check box feature is available in the multiselect component. This feature will render a check box for each list item and, based on the check box’s state, items will be selected or unselected. This makes it easy to identify the selected items. By default, a filtering option is enabled while check box mode is active.

Chip customization

The multiselect control allows the user to customize the selected chip element through a tagging event. In that event, you can set the custom classes to chip element via that event argument of setClass method.

The following screenshot demonstrates chip customization with the multiselect component.

What's New for ESSENTIAL-JS2 | Syncfusion
What's New for ESSENTIAL-JS2 Grid | Syncfusion


Excel-like filter

An Excel-like filter has been added to the grid that incorporates options to filter possible values using a check box list. It also allows you to build complex filter criteria with the help of an advanced filter.

Excel filter

Advanced excel filter

Foreign key column

Foreign key column support has been added to grid to show column values from foreign data. The cell values will be shown based on the mapping column name.

Row height adjustment

Adjust grid row height programmatically.

Row height

What's New for ESSENTIAL-JS2 ListView | Syncfusion

List View

List view with check box

The check list feature displays a check box next to each item in a list, which is an easy way to select multiple items in the list view component.


Always show items in pop-up

Support has been added to always display specific toolbar items with secondary priority in the pop-up.

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