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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android


What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android

Volume 3 delivers a new TreeView control, more chart types, and bookmark navigation when viewing PDFs.


New control

Treeview is a data-oriented control that displays data in a hierarchical structure with expanding and collapsing nodes. It is commonly used to illustrate a folder structure or nested relationships in an application.

Key features

  • Binding and unbound mode: Bind hierarchical data or add unbound tree nodes.
  • Selection: Support for selection with different selection modes and keyboard navigation.
  • UI customization: Complete UI customization through an adapter.


Image Editor

Text and custom view rotation

Provided support to rotate text, and custom view over an image.

Rotation support for imageeditor text and custom view in xamarin android

Text effects

Text annotation can be customized with font styles such as bold, italics, and underline.

Text effects support for imageeditor in xamarin android

Multiline text and text alignment

Multiple-line text can be added using return key. Text can also be aligned to center, left, and right positions.

Multiline support for imageeditor text in xamarin android

Custom size and custom format

Provided an option to save an image in various sizes, and images can also be saved in different formats like .png,.jpg, and .bmp.

Essential PDF

Complex script

Add complex script language text to PDF documents.

Complex script language text in PDF


Timestamp the existing PDF document.

Timestamp the existing PDF document

Signature validation

Appearance of a signature will change based on the signature validation.

Signature validation

Measurement annotation

Add, edit, and flatten measurement annotation in the PDF document.

Measurement annotation

Long-term validation (LTV)

Enable long-term validation in the PDF document.

Long-term validation

Essential Presentation

Slide transitions

Create, edit, and remove slide transitions in PowerPoint presentations.

Slide transition


The loading and navigation performance of the calendar control have been improved. Now, the loading time is about 30% faster than previous versions.


Histogram series

A new histogram chart type has been added. The histogram chart is a bar (column) chart for frequency distribution in which the widths of the bars are proportional to the classes into which the variables have been divided and the heights of the bars are proportional to the class frequencies.

Histogram chart type in Xamarin

Stacked doughnut

Stacked doughnut support has been provided to visualize the chart in a set of concentric circles.

Xamarin stacked doughnut chart

Axis label wrap

Axis labels can be wrapped into multiple rows if two labels collide with each other.

Xamarin chart axis label wrap support

Dashes support

Dashes support has been provided to the polar and radar charts when they are rendered as line types.

Dashes support in Xamarin polar and radar charts

Area background customization

The color and stroke of the plotting area can be customized.

Xamarin chart area customization


Overview panel

The overview panel is used to display a preview (an overall mini-view) of the entire diagram. This helps users see the overall picture of a large diagram and navigate to a position on the page using the view port rectangle.


Free-form layout

The mind map free-form layout provides an option to rearrange nodes in a layout.

Free-form layout

Drag-and-drop support for directed tree layout

It is now easier to drag a child or parent node to another node in the directed tree layout.

Drag and drop

Diagram style settings

It is easier to apply default rendering styles to all shapes, connectors, stencil symbols, and stencil headers in a diagram.

Zooming enhancement

With support for customizing zoom levels, you can set a minimum zoom level value as low as 0.01f and a maximum level up to infinity.

Customizing user handle position

Now, the user handle position can be adjusted from its default position.

User handle position

Layout sibling spacing

It is easy to provide spacing between sibling nodes of any branch on the directed tree layout. Nodes can also be excluded from the layout.


Color mapping support for bubbles

This feature provides color mapping for bubbles to customize their colors based on the underlying shape values.

Color mapping support for map bubbles in Xamarin.Anroid

Access imagery layer’s tile images from application cache

Imagery layer’s zooming performance has been improved by caching tile images in application cache memory.

Sublayer support

This feature supports adding a sublayer over a main shape layer to view roads or river areas in maps.

Sublayer support for maps in Xamarin.Android

Data label smart alignment support

This feature smartly aligns labels within shape boundaries and avoids label overlap.

Data label customization and smart alignment support for maps in Xamarin.Android

Legend customization support

Customize legend items and the legend’s position.

Legend label, icon, and position customization support for maps in Xamarin.Android

Image support for marker icon

Add an image in the marker icon.

Image icon support for map markers in Xamarin.Android

PDF Viewer

Bookmark navigation

Bookmark navigation support in PDF Viewer allows users to navigate between PDF pages using predefined bookmarks present in the PDF document.

Bookmark in SfPdfViewer

Progress Bar

Range color support

Maps colors to the range in a circular progress bar.

xamarin android circular progress bar with range color customization


Recurrence exceptions support

Skip or change particular occurrences of a recurring appointment by setting exceptions for that recurring appointment.

Selection text color customization

Customize the selection text color of month cells.

Essential XlsIO

Excel worksheet to image

Worksheets with data, styles, conditional formats, rich text, text alignment, pivot tables, images, text boxes, and Unicode characters can be converted to image formats.

Worksheet to image

Excel to HTML

Workbooks with multiple worksheets or a single worksheet with data, styles, conditional formats, rich text, text alignment, images, and text boxes can be converted to HTML.

Excel to HTML

Data import enhancement

Images, data with URLs, and data with mail IDs are imported as hyperlinks from various data sources into Excel.

Pivot table

Supports sorting pivot value fields by direction.


Supports calculation of external formula references.

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