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What's New in Essential Studio for Xamarin.Android

Essential Studio for Xamarin has made significant strides in its offering for Xamarin.Android by adding a new sunburst chart, data grid cell editing, and text searching in PDFs.

Sunburst Chart

The sunburst chart is useful for visualizing hierarchical data. The center circle represents the root level in the hierarchy, with outer circles representing higher levels of the hierarchy.

Key Features

  • Visualize hierarchical data.
  • Data label support for better readability.
  • Legend support.
  • Colors can be customized.

New Image Editor

A new image editor has been added with the following features:

  • Image cropping.

  • Image annotation with text and shapes.

  • Image rotation and flipping.

  • An interactive toolbar for customization.

PDF Viewer (Preview)

Support for searching text has been added to the PDF Viewer for Xamarin.Android, which allows users to find highlighted instances of searched text in a PDF document.

Data Grid


The data grid control supports editing cells in-place by using text, numeric, and date-picker editors.


The data grid control supports resizing columns with minimum-width and maximum-width support. Columns can also be hidden, and they can be resized when panning side to side or when panning is complete.

Text margins

The data grid control supports setting margins for header and record cells.

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