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GridTreeControl is a dynamic data-bound control that displays self-referencing lists in a multi-column tree format. The data is loaded on demand so that large lists can be quickly displayed. Its feature set includes functionalities like binding with commonly preferred data sources, sorting, rich editing experience, conditional formatting and exporting.

Data Binding

Data can be bound to GridTreeControl either by binding data with relation information or can be populated on demand through RequestTreeItems event.


  • Provides support to sort data against one or more columns.
  • It also provides support for tri-state sorting.

Seamless Editing Experience

  • Several built-in cell types can be used to display and edit any underlying data type.
  • Some of the cell types are TextBlock, TextBox, Currency Edit, Double Edit, DateTime Edit, Percent Edit, ComboBox, DropDownList, CheckBox and Data Template.



Built-in support for visual styles like Blend, Metro, Office2007 styles, Glassy Green and VS2010.

Easy Styling

Provides support to customize the appearance of the GridTreeControl. The appearance of the header style, cell style, expander style, and row style can be customized.

Custom Expanders

Built-in support for customizing expanders like triangles, plus and minus signs with tree lines. Also provides support to draw any shape as expander.

Node Images

Support to place images next to expander as node image.

Level Styles

Support to have different styles specific to each level of a tree

Conditional formatting

Provides support to customize the cell and row appearance conditionally based on data.

Interactive features

Column Sizing

Provides support to set the column widths proportionally.


Built-in support for row based selection as well as cell based selection.

Unbound Row

Support to add rows top or bottom of the GridTreeControl to show custom information, which are not bound to any data in ItemsSource.

Unbound Columns

Provides support to display additional columns that are not bound to data. It also provides support for expressions used to calculate values among columns.


Supports XML serialization to preserve and restore GridTreeControl schema and style settings

Printing and Exporting

Provides support to export data to Microsoft Excel and print the same

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