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The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler control is an event calendar that facilitates almost all basic Outlook and Google Calendar features. It allows the user to plan and manage appointments efficiently. It features multiple scheduler view modes, quick mapping of data source fields, easy rescheduling of appointments through drag and drop, and a resize action, as well as clear representation of appointments with more customizable options.

Multiple scheduler views

The built-in view modes available in ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler are: day, week, work week, month, agenda, and timeline views. These view modes allow you to display appointments across different days and months.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler Data binding

Data binding

Appointment data binds seamlessly with ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler through various local and remote data sources such as: JSON, RESTful services, OData services, and WCF services.

Scheduler orientation

The Scheduler control is available with two types of orientation: vertical and horizontal. By default, the timescale of ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler renders in vertical orientation. The same time cells are made to render horizontally in the horizontal orientation. All four built-in view modes are available in both vertical and horizontal orientation.

Responsive ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler


The Scheduler user interface adapts automatically on mobile and desktop devices. This helps the application to scale elegantly across all form factors without any additional effort.

Multiple resources with grouping

Built-in support is available for assigning resources to events as well as scheduling resources. Group appointments based on resources by using the clear view of each resource’s availability. You can also set different working days for each resource.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with multiple resources

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with timeline grouping

Timeline grouping

Display the resources as rows in a hierarchical tree structure based on grouping levels. Arrange the appointments of a resource horizontally in its appropriate row against the horizontal time axis.

Blocking time intervals

Time slots in the ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler can be blocked, so that restrictions can be imposed on those time slots, and the appointments that lie on those blocked time range. Blocked appointments will be made read-only and CRUD operations on them will be prevented.

Blocking time intervals in ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler

Illustration of appointment drag and drop in ASP NET scheduler

Drag and drop appointments

Reschedule appointments easily by dragging them onto the desired time slots. You can also see real-time updates when viewing dragged appointments.

Appointment resizing

Easily extend a scheduler event’s time by resizing either its start or end handlers. You can also see real-time updates when viewing resized appointments.

Illustration of appointment resizing in ASP NET scheduler

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with external drag and drop

External drag and drop

Drag unscheduled appointments from an external source onto the ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler. You can also drag and drop appointments among multiple schedulers placed on the same page.

Flexible timescale

Customizable timescale options exist to view a timeline of appointments clearly and allow you to set a different duration.

Flexible timescale in ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with appointment editor window

Appointment editor window

There is built-in support for better event handling, such as easier appointment creation and editing using the default event editor as well as through a quick appointment window.

Custom view

The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler can display only the user-specific date collection, which can be of a periodic date range or different date collections.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with custom views

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with cell auto fit option

Cell auto-fit

The height and width of Scheduler cells can be easily customized. Another option exists to set auto-height for scheduler cells, thus allowing the cells of the timeline view to adjust automatically if they exceed the appointment count.

Appointment handling options

The Scheduler provides clear, vibrant, exact representations of appointments across the scheduler timeline, based on their assigned time duration.

Illustration of inline add and edit capabilities of ASP NET scheduler

Inline add and edit options

This option allows users to create and edit appointments inline through a single click on the Scheduler cells or on the existing appointment’s subject.

Appointment categories in ASP NET scheduler

Appointment categories

This option allows to differentiate each appointment type by its color. There exists an additional option to apply multiple category colors to the events.

Illustration of appointment tooltips in ASP NET scheduler


The customizable tooltip displays appointment information while the mouse pointer is hovering over the appointment.

Illustration of recurring options of ASP NET scheduler

Recurring options

Easily configure recurring events to repeat on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis with integrated recurrence options.

Illustration of appointment customization with ASP NET scheduler

Appearance customization

Appointments can be customized easily through template options that allow users to add any kind of text, image, or CSS styles.

Illustration of time zone support of ASP NET scheduler

Time zone

Regardless of the system time zone, the ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler supports setting the required time zone for the control itself as well as for events.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with context menu options

Integrated context menu

The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler has an integrated context menu with built-in options to manipulate (add/edit/delete) appointments, change other scheduler settings such as switching between current view and time mode, and add custom menu options.

Search appointments

Users can search and filter the appointments based on subject, description, start date, and end date. The resulting appointments can be obtained and displayed in a grid or used for any other internal processing.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with search options

Feature-rich calendar options

The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler inherits almost all the calendar-specific features, such as first day of the week and date format.

Working hours

The active cells of the ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler (displayed in white) visually represent the working hours.

Working days customization

Users can customize the display of the workweek view with a user-defined days collection.

First day of the week

Set a different first day of the week as needed. The default day is Sunday.

Hiding weekend days

Weekend days can be hidden from the Scheduler so that only working days are displayed across all views.

Date format

The date format is easily customizable and the ASP.NET Web Scheduler accepts any standard date format.

Min and Max date

MinDate and MaxDate will limit the date range available on the Scheduler and prevent navigation beyond that range.

The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler supports two types of printing: either print the complete scheduler along with its background color or print specific appointments.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with print options

Import appointments

ICS files generated from calendars like Outlook, Google, and others can be easily imported into the ASP.NET Scheduler.

Export options

The Scheduler and its appointments can be exported to any of the following file formats: ics, pdf, and xls.

Globalization and localization

Integrate different date-time formats and cultures. This allows the ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler to function globally, thus meeting the diverse needs of different regions.

ASP NET scheduler with globalization support


The ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler displays the current date and time by following the globalized date and time formats.

ASP NET scheduler with localization support


Display all the static text, date content, and time mode of the scheduler following the localized language.

ASP NET event calendar displaying from right to left

Right to left (RTL)

Render the event scheduler following the proper right-to-left conventions, thus displaying the layout from right to left.

Keyboard interactive

Various keyboard shortcuts are available to perform almost all scheduler actions, such as multiple cell or event selection and navigating to other views.

ASP NET Web Forms Scheduler with keyboard shortcut options

Real-time updates

Bidirectional data communication conveys the server-side appointment updates made on ASP.NET Web Forms Scheduler to all the connected clients through SignalR.


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