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Road Map for Essential Studio for React

Road Map for Essential Studio for React

(Essential JS 2)


New components

The following components are to be added to Essential JS 2 for React:

  • Spreadsheet
  • AppBar
  • Bullet Graph

Pivot Table


End users can render pivot controls with OLAP data sources. Dynamic UI operations can be done with the help of the field list for different pivot views. OLAP data can also be visualized in the Pivot Chart along with built-in toolbar options.

Export Pivot Chart from toolbar

Allows users to export Pivot Chart information as an image or a PDF document from the toolbar.

Format customization dialog

Provides options to customize the format type (e.g., currency, percentage, etc.) of a measure and its format string (e.g., ###, ###.##, ##, ###.00, etc.) at runtime.


Row drag and drop

Support to drag and drop tree grid rows within the TreeGrid control, between TreeGrid controls, or between the TreeGrid control and any custom component to change row positions dynamically in the UI.

Frozen rows and columns

Support to freeze the specific rows or columns and make them always visible in the top and left side of the Tree Grid while scrolling.

Circular Gauge

Tooltip for ranges

This feature allows users to display tooltips for ranges of the Circular Gauge when the mouse cursor is moved over them.

Axis label intersect action

This feature allows users to hide intersecting axis labels in Circular Gauge.

Legend for ranges

This feature allows users to render legend items for ranges in Circular Gauge.


Improvements to legends

The following improvements for legends:

  • A feature that allows users to render custom legend items.
  • A feature that allows users to toggle the visibility of a shape when clicking on a legend item.


Multi-region selection

This feature allows users to select multiple regions in a chart.

Lasso select

This feature allows users to select a region by drawing freehand shape.

Data label rotation

This feature allows users to rotate data labels.


PDF export

Users can export Gantt content and timeline in PDF format.

Excel Export

Users can export TreeGrid content in excel and CSV formats.

Virtual rendering support

This feature allows users to render and manage large number of tasks in Gantt effectively.

Row drag and drop

This feature allows users to rearrange Gantt rows.

Input Mask

Variable-length mask support

This feature provides great flexibility to control the variable length of input data at runtime.

Word Processor

Wrapping styles

This feature allows users to wrap text around images.


This feature allows users to comment or note feedbacks in the document.


Automatic line routing

This feature automatically re-routes a line around a node if it is found in the line’s path.


Inline editing support

This feature allows users to create and edit appointments inline.

Year view

This feature provides year view layout in the scheduler.


Color customization for individual sections of slider track

This feature allows users to customize a slider track with different colors.

Rich Text Editor

Save format as Base64

By default, the editor saves images as blobs when they’re inserted. This new feature allows users to configure the save format as Base64 in addition to blob. This is helpful when editing HTML content with many small images. The editor returns the content combined with inserted images on submitting the form, which helps users store the content directly in a database.

Image upload events

This feature allows images to be customized on uploading and inserting them into the editor by using the upload events image selected, image uploading, image upload success, and image upload failed. Users can rename the images before inserting them into the editor using these events.

Drag and drop images from the local system

This feature allows inserting images in the editor by dragging and dropping them from the local system. Images can be uploaded to the server before being inserted into the editor.

Pasting images from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook

Currently, content is pasted with formatted styles by excluding images when copy and pasting content from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. This feature allows images to also be pasted in the editor copying and pasting from Word and Outlook.

Resizable editor

This feature allows resizing the editor dynamically by dragging its resize handler, which is positioned at bottom-right of the control. Users can resize it in a diagonal direction to adjust its width, height, or both. The content of the editor will be adjusted automatically based on the new width and height.

File manager for images and files

This feature allows users to insert images and files in the editor using the Essential JS 2 File Manager component. The File Manager component provides all common file operations like upload, download, delete, create, sort, search, and rename, along with image previews. Users can browse images and files on the local system or a remote system and insert them into the editor.

PDF Viewer

Form filling

This feature adds support for filling, editing, and saving AcroForm fields in PDF files to assist with data collection and processing

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DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion’s products are always changing. Syncfusion makes no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion product. Features and release builds can change without notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided on this page is only for the purpose of outlining intentions and ideas for future releases. In no way is the roadmap a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is informational in nature and should not be relied on, in any manner, for the purposes of making any business decision.
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