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Road Map for Essential Studio for Vue

Road Map for Essential Studio for Vue


Production-ready component

The Ribbon component is production-ready for Vue.

New component


The Stepper component enables users to navigate through a series of steps or stages in a process within a web application. Steppers display a list of steps, with the current step highlighted, and allow users to move between steps.


Add UML class shapes to the symbol palette

This feature enriches the symbol palette by incorporating UML class shapes, which users can easily drag and drop onto the canvas.

MultiSelect Dropdown

Virtual scrolling

The virtual scrolling support for the MultiSelect Dropdown component enables users to navigate large lists of options efficiently without the need to load all the items at once. This feature enhances the user experience for applications with long lists of options.


Load checkbox list data on demand

This feature enables users to load the checkbox list data on demand in Excel and checkbox filter dialogs. It provides a mechanism to load the next set of data dynamically when working with large datasets in the grid and perform an interactive action in the checkbox list data.

Enhancements in adaptive view layout

Adaptive view layout improvements have been introduced. In addition to filtering, sorting, searching, and CRUD functionalities, the menus and popups for the following features now adjust their layouts based on the screen size of mobile devices.

  • Context Menu
  • Column Menu
  • Column Chooser

Exporting the grid to a file stream, memory stream, or blob

The grid offers the flexibility to save its data as a blob, memory stream, or file stream during the export process. This allows easy manipulation or merging of multiple blobs, memory streams, or file streams before downloading the file in Excel or PDF format.

Adaptive view layout for page size dropdown

Display the page size dropdown within the adaptive view layout of the pager, adjusting to the screen size of mobile devices.

Template customization for displaying empty record

This feature allows the customization of the content displayed when there are no records to show in the grid. Users can add their own content or incorporate HTML elements using the template option. This empty record content is presented when binding empty data to the grid or when an action within the grid results in no records to display.

PDF Viewer

Dual-page display

Introduced a feature to view two pages simultaneously.

Page orientation adjustment

Users can now rotate pages within a document.

Keyboard navigation enhancements

Enhanced keyboard-based navigation options for improved user experience.


  • Allows users to tailor and modify the main toolbar to suit their preferences.
  • Users can customize the context menu for a more personalized interface.


Step position

Users can apply steps to the line from the left, center, and right of the data point.

Axis title alignment

Users can align the axis title to the center, near, or far of the chart area.

Fixed tooltip position

This feature enables users to lock the position of the tooltip inside the chart.

3D Chart

This feature supports 3D column, bar, stacked column, and stacked bar charts, with tooltip, data label, rotation, and tilt options.

Bullet Chart

Value bar colors

Users have the option to apply different colors to value/actual bars in the Bullet Chart.

Circular Gauge

Animation enhancements

Animations can be enabled for rendering axis elements, such as the axis line, ticks, and labels.

Linear Gauge

Animation enhancements

Animations can be enabled for rendering axis elements, such as the axis line, ticks, and labels.

Text pointer support

Users can add text content to the pointer, in addition to shapes and images, to provide additional information.


Polygon shape rendering

This feature allows users to add polygon shapes over the layers of the Maps component using API properties.

Image Editor

Straightening support

This feature allows users to correct the alignment of an image if it appears tilted or slanted. Users can easily straighten an image to make it fit the frame.


Toolbar customization

The Scheduler allows the customization of icons, text, and tooltips of the toolbar items directly.

Shift basis scheduler view

This feature allows users to visualize overnight shifts within their specified time ranges.

Maximum events per row

This feature allows the customization of the maximum number of concurrent events to be displayed in the scheduler.


On-demand data loading or lazy loading

This feature allows users to retrieve data from remote services for the current viewport alone. The remaining data can be retrieved on-demand when scrolling, improving the performance and usability of the Listview component.

File Manager

Custom sorting

This feature allows users to customize the sorting of columns in the file manager.

Word Processor

Collaborative editing

This feature allows multiple users to edit the same document simultaneously.


This feature allows users to see and set tab stops, and move table borders.

Tree Grid

Aggregate in exporting

Tree Grid can be exported to PDf and Excel files with aggregate cell values included in the footer for the specified columns.


Show confirmation dialog for external workbook reference

This feature displays the confirmation dialog before opening an Excel file that contains an external workbook reference.

Comment support

This feature allows end users to add comments to the cells.

New formulas

This feature includes a list of new formulas to be added to the spreadsheet.


Gantt Chart

Timeline virtualization

This feature allows users to load project tasks with longer timelines to the Gantt chart. It renders only the timeline cells in the current viewport, while other timeline cells are rendered dynamically on horizontal scrolling.

Validation rules in editing

Column validation allows users to check for data validity and display error messages for any invalid fields before allowing data to be saved. Custom validation rules and messages can also be configured.

Multi-taskbars in the project view

Visualize multiple child tasks within parent rows, even when records are collapsed, streamlining navigation and enhancing project understanding.

Drag and drop taskbars between tasks

Users can reorder the tasks by simply dragging and dropping the taskbar element in Gantt chart rows.

Enhancements in PDF export

PDF export to include the following compatibility features, ensuring comprehensive reporting, customization options, and data integrity.

  • Unscheduled tasks.
  • Manually scheduled tasks.
  • Split tasks.
  • Event markers, holidays, and indicators.
  • Custom font in PDF export file.
  • Export Gantt template columns.
  • Custom data source for PDF exporting.
  • Custom header and footer.

Rich Text Editor

Table improvements

This feature enhances table manipulation in the Rich Text Editor by providing users with custom options to add or delete rows and columns. By hovering between rows or columns or selecting an entire row or column, users can access a context-sensitive menu that enables seamless table editing, according to their requirements.

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DISCLAIMER: Syncfusion’s products are always changing. Syncfusion makes no representations or warranties of any kind that these features will be in this release or any future release of any Syncfusion product. Features and release builds can change without notice at the sole discretion of Syncfusion. The information provided on this page is only for the purpose of outlining intentions and ideas for future releases. In no way is the roadmap a guarantee, promise, or offer to provide any product or service. Moreover, the material provided is informational in nature and should not be relied on, in any manner, for the purposes of making any business decision.
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