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Road Map for Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC

Pivot Client

Calculated members and measures support

Feature that allows users to create, edit, and remove calculated members and measures using OLAP cube elements on the fly through rich UI options.

Pivot Chart

Multiple axis support

Feature that allows users to split the pivot chart area into several panels to draw multiple series with multiple axes.


RTL support

RTL support for legend, tooltip, scrollbar, title of chart.

Label rotation using text anchor

Allows user to rotate axis labels based on a text anchor.


Toggle shape visibility on clicking legend

Feature that supports toggling the shape or bubble visibility clicking the legend.

Performance improvement

Feature that improves the maps control performance to reduce rendering time.


Word-to-PDF enhancements

  • Allows preserving form fields from a Word document in the converted PDF.
  • Allows preserving embedded fonts from a Word document in the converted PDF.

Strict Open XML documents

Feature that supports opening and saving Strict Open XML format (*.docx) documents.

Tree Map

Render in drilled state

Feature that supports rendering the tree map in a drilled state.


Convert SmartArt diagrams with ‘ShapeGuide’ properties

Feature that supports converting SmartArt diagrams with ‘ShapeGuide’ properties.

Animation support in PowerPoint presentations

Feature that supports creating and modifying animations in PowerPoint presentations.


Flatten the existing signature field

Feature that allows the existing signature field to be flattened.

Custom metadata

Feature that supports the creation of metadata with user-defined keywords.

Add annotation to the layer

Feature that allows annotations to be added to the PDF document layer.

Auto-resize text box field

Feature that allows the font to be automatically resized when flattening a text box field, depending on the text box size.

PDF to PDF/A-1b conversion

Feature that converts a PDF document to PDF/A-1b conformance.

IEnumerable support for PDF tables

Feature that supports IEnumerable data sources for PDF tables.

Time stamp PDF

Feature that allows users to time stamp the PDF document without a certificate.


Disabling automatic timescale extension

Restricts automatic timescale extension when the edited tasks are moved beyond the displayed timescale range.

Tree Grid

Filtering column with multiple predicates

Allows the user to filter columns dynamically with multiple predicates.

Support for batch editing

Supports batch editing and batch saving in tree grid.



  • Feature that supports extension lists for Microsoft Excel charts and conditional formatting.
  • Feature that supports chart color and size properties referenced from style IDs in image and PDF conversions.


  • Feature that supports AutoShapes in Excel to PDF conversion.
  • Feature that supports shape grouping in XLSX format.

Copy range

  • Feature that supports skipping blank cells while copying.

Pivot table

  • Feature that supports RepeatAllLabels in pivot table layouts.
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