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Essential DocIO is a .NET class library that can read, write, modify and render Microsoft Word documents. It includes a comprehensive API similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries. It does not have any external dependencies and can be used on systems that do not have Microsoft Word installed.

Conceptual Overview Diagram

Why Syncfusion

Blazing Fast Performance

Optimized for a server environment where speed and low memory usage is critical. It works much faster and consumes less memory when compared to Office automation libraries.

No Server Deployment Fees

There are no distribution fees, per-server licensing fees, or royalties, making DocIO very cost-effective.

Powerful and Comprehensive API

All the elements in a typical Word document like text, formatting, images, tables, sections, headers, and footers are accessible through a comprehensive set of APIs. It only takes a few lines of code to create or manipulate richly formatted Word documents.

Supported File Formats

Read and write files based on all popular Word file format variants like DOC, DOT, DOCM, DOTM, DOCX, DOTX, RTF, HTML, and TXT. It is also possible to convert Word documents to PDF, image (PNG, BMP, JPEG, EMF, TIFF), and EPUB files.

Start Reports with Word and Finish with DocIO

Design reports using Microsoft Word and use DocIO to dynamically populate them with data. You can then save a final report to a Word file or export it to other supported formats, like PDF.

Key Features

Wide support for document elements

Provides support for the most common elements in a Word document such as text, image, table, hyperlink, bookmark, textbox, section, header/footer, comment, watermark and more.

Advanced Mail Merge

User can visually design the reports in Microsoft Word and then populate the document with data from various data sources such as string arrays, XML, ADO.NET objects, Business objects, Dynamic objects, etc.

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Rich Formatting Options

Provides support for all the formatting options supported by Microsoft Word such as bold, italic, subscript, superscript, text color, highlight color, font, paragraph alignment, indentation etc.

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Allows applying pre-defined and custom styles to paragraphs. Also supports applying pre-defined table styles.

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Bullets and Numbering

Provides support to create and manipulate bullets and numbering which ranges from single-level to multiple-levels similar to Microsoft Word.

Cloning and Merging

Merge multiple documents into a single document. Also allows to clone a part of a document and merge it to an existing or a new document.

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Read and Write

Provides support to read and write Word document to and from DOC, DOT, DOCM, DOTM, DOCX, DOTX, RTF, HTML and TXT. Also supports to write Word document as EPUB.

Render as PDF/Image

Provides support to render Word document as PDF and Images (PNG, BMP, JPEG, EMF, TIFF). Users can also print a Word document using its ability to render document pages as images.

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Find and Replace

Provides support to search for text or pattern and then replace it. Also provides an option to replace the entire Word document contents.

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Create and modify richly formatted tables, rows, and cells. Also supports to merge cells, apply predefined table styles, format table, row and cells.

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Provides support for inserting and deleting bookmarks. It is also possible to manipulate existing bookmarks and perform operations like insert, append, replace and delete contents of the bookmarks.

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Read and write encrypted Word documents by specifying the password. Also allows user to restrict edit permission for specific contents in a Word document.

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Feature Matrix

Document content Features WORD 97-2003 WORD 2007-2016 RTF
Create a Word document from scratch or edit an existing Word document
Open an existing Word document from file system or stream
Save the Word document to a local file, stream or stream it to the client browser
Create, access and modify paragraphs and text
Create, access and modify tables, rows and cells
Create, access and modify hyperlinks
Create, access and modify bookmarks
Access, create and modify document sections, headers and footers
Find and replace text
Iterate over document content
Copy and move document elements between documents
Merge multiple Word documents
Create, access and modify Table of Contents
Rebuild and update Table of Contents
Create, access and modify fields
Update fields such as IF, Formula and other popular field types
Support for inserting watermarks
Create, access and modify comments
Access and modify built-in document properties
Access and modify custom document properties
Encrypting documents and opening password protected documents
Specify document protection to control the type of changes
Create, access and modify form fields
Create, access and modify footnotes and endnotes
Preserve Structured document tags (Content Controls) - -
Accept or delete a particular revision or all the revisions in a document
Create, access and modify OLE objects from the document
Support for inserting HTML text
Mail Merge WORD 97-2003 WORD 2007-2016 RTF
Create, access and modify Merge fields
Retrieve mail merge field names
Insert images during mail merge
Event handling during mail merge process to apply formatting
Perform mail merge on documents that contain complex merge fields
Perform mail merge for a specified region
Perform mail merge on reports that contain relational details (Parent-child data)
Perform mail merge from any .NET data source such as string array, DataSet, DataTable, DataView, DataReader
Perform mail merge from any data source such as business objects and dynamic objects
Document Formatting WORD 97-2003 WORD 2007-2016 RTF
Support for character formatting including font size, font color, font name, bold, italic, underline, etc.
Support for paragraph formatting including line spacing, alignment, indentation, spacing before and after, keep follow etc.
Support for bulleted and numbered lists formatting including numbering and levels
Support for table formatting including alignment, borders and shading
Access and modify all section properties including paper size, margins and orientation
Access, create and modify paragraph styles
Support for applying pre-defined table styles
Find and Replace WORD 97-2003 WORD 2007-2016 RTF
Find a specific word or phrase
Find a specified pattern using regular expression
Replace text with another text or part of a document's contents
Replace text while retaining the same formatting
Bookmarks WORD 97-2003 WORD 2007-2016 RTF
Create and manipulate bookmarks
Navigate to a specific bookmark
Retrieve document contents between the specified bookmark and merge to an existing or a new document
Insert text or part of a document's contents between the specified bookmark
Replace a document's contents between the specified bookmark with text or a part of another document's contents
Delete document contents between the specified bookmark
Conversions Read Write
Word 97-2003 formats (*.doc, *.dot)
Word 2007-2016 formats (*.docx, *.dotx, *.docm, *.dotm)

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