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Enable your applications to read and write PowerPoint presentation files easily in 5 minutes

//Create an instance of Presentation (PowerPoint file).
using (IPresentation presentation = Presentation.Create())
    //Add a slide with title only layout.
    ISlide slide = presentation.Slides.Add(SlideLayoutType.TitleOnly);
    //Access the title (first) shape from the slide instance.
    IShape shape = slide.Shapes[0] as IShape;
    //Add a paragraph with text content to the shape.
    shape.TextBody.AddParagraph("Hello PowerPoint World");
    //Save the presentation to disk in pptx format.
//Open an existing presentation (PowerPoint file).
using (IPresentation presentation = Presentation.Open(@"Input.pptx"))
    //Access the first slide from the presentation instance.
    ISlide slide = presentation.Slides[0];
    //Access the first shape from the slide instance.
    IShape shape = slide.Shapes[0] as IShape;
    //Read/access the text content in the shape.
    textBox1.Text = shape.TextBody.Text;

Conceptual Overview Diagram

Why Syncfusion

Blazing Fast Performance

Optimized for use in a server environment where speed and low memory usage are critical.

No Server Deployment Fees

There are no distribution fees, per-server licensing fees, or royalties, making Essential Presentation very cost-effective.

Powerful and Comprehensive API

All the elements in a typical PowerPoint presentation, like slides, text, images, tables, charts, shapes, and SmartArt diagrams, are accessible through a comprehensive set of APIs. It only takes a few lines of code to create or manipulate richly formatted PowerPoint presentations.

Wide Support for PowerPoint Elements

Essential Presentation provides support for the most common elements in a PowerPoint presentation such as slides, paragraphs, text, images, bullets and numbering, charts, SmartArt diagrams, shapes, tables, styles, formatting, etc.

Key Features

Convert to PDF

Essential Presentation provides the ability to convert a PowerPoint presentation to PDF.

View Demo

Render as Image

Render a complete PowerPoint presentation or a particular slide to image format. Users can print a PowerPoint presentation by rendering the presentation slides as images.

View Demo


Essential Presentation provides advanced support for creating and manipulating charts in a PowerPoint presentation. Also, it provides a rich set of formatting options to customize the appearance of charts.


Create and modify richly formatted tables. Presentation supports built-in table styles, allowing you to merge cells and format the entire table and individual cells.

View Demo

Clone and Merge

Merge multiple presentations to a single presentation. Essential Presentation also allows you to clone a particular slide and merge it to an existing or new presentation.

View Demo


Create and manipulate SmartArt diagrams. Users can add or remove nodes, edit text in nodes, and format an entire SmartArt diagram or individual node.

View Demo


Read and write encrypted PowerPoint presentations.

View Demo

Bullets and Numbering

Add and manipulate single-level and multilevel lists similar to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Feature Matrix

Document Content Features PowerPoint 2007-2016
Create PowerPoint presentations from scratch or edit an existing presentation.
Open existing PowerPoint presentations from the file system or stream.
Save PowerPoint presentation to a local file, stream, or stream it to a client browser.
Create, access, and modify paragraphs and text.
Create, access, and modify bullets and numbering.
Create, access, and modify images.
Create, access, and modify tables, rows, and cells.
Create, access, and modify shapes.
Create, access, and modify charts.
Access and modify placeholders.
Create, access, and modify SmartArt diagrams.
Create, access, and modify sections.
Create, access, and modify hyperlinks.
Create, access, and modify slide notes.
Copy and move slide elements between PowerPoint presentations.
Merge multiple PowerPoint presentations.
Encrypt and open password-protected PowerPoint presentations.
Iterate over slide content.
Insert OLE objects in PowerPoint presentations.
Access and modify built-in document properties.
Create, access, and modify custom document properties.
Conversions PowerPoint 2007-2016
Convert PowerPoint presentations into PDF.
Convert PowerPoint slides into standard image formats.


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