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The spreadsheet control for JavaScript supports editing directly inside cells or in the formula bar.

Sorting and Filtering

The spreadsheet control provides support for filtering specific data from the spreadsheet and sorting columns by ascending or descending order.


The spreadsheet control provides a variety of formatting options for text and numbers to improve the appearance and effectiveness of any spreadsheet.

Number Formatting

Number formatting changes the appearance of numbers in a cell by using percent signs, commas, currency symbols, decimals, and more to signify different meanings.

Text Formatting

Text formatting allows users to change the font, font size, color, weight, style, alignment, and wrapping of text in a cell.


The selection feature allows users to select a single cell, a range of cells, entire rows, or entire columns in a spreadsheet. The selected data can then be manipulated.

Drag Fill

Drag fill allows users to automatically fill cells with data that follows or completes a pattern based on data in other cells.

Importing and Exporting

Existing Excel worksheets can be imported into the spreadsheet control and edited by users. This control supports exporting spreadsheets as .xls, .xlsx, and comma-delimited value files.

Undo and Redo

Undo feature allows the user to revert the most recent actions, and redo cancels the recent undo actions. There is no fixed limit to the number of undo/redo operations.


Users can print the entire spreadsheet or only selected data.

Data Validation

Data validation restricts what users are allowed to enter as data. If entered data does not meet the specified criteria, an error message is displayed.

Conditional Formatting

Conditional formatting applies different formatting styles to select cells based on conditions provided by users.

Data Binding with Batch Save

Now you can use the spreadsheet as a data-bound widget. That is, you can bind a data source to spreadsheet’s sheet or its range cells and send back the changes to remote server or even to in-memory object.

Cell Binding

You can predefine/override each cell in spreadsheet with a simple JSON object that has support to set values, formulas, comments, hyperlinks, cell formats, and number formats via this API.

Pivot Table

Pivot table support has been added to summarize and analyze large amounts of data in spreadsheet.

Responsive Rendering

The spreadsheet control will adaptively render an optimal user interface for phone, tablet, or desktop form factors, helping applications scale elegantly without any additional effort.

Touch Optimized

All spreadsheet control features are optimized for touch screens. This includes swipes for scrolling and taps for selecting, filtering, and sorting.

PDF Exporting

Spreadsheet content can be exported to PDF files.

Data Virtualization

The spreadsheet control supports on-demand data loading when bound to remote and local data sources. This feature greatly improves initial loading time by requesting only the visible data from the data source.

Read-Only Support

The read-only feature allows spreadsheets to be read and copied, and comments to be displayed and searched, but the spreadsheet contents cannot be modified.

Context Menu Customization

The spreadsheet context menu can be customized. Context menu items can be added, deleted, disabled, and enabled, and their data sources can be updated.

Initial Rendering Performance

Spreadsheet performance has been improved during initial rendering. The loading time has been reduced, which is useful for rendering multiple spreadsheets in a single page without lagging.

Excel-Like Pivot Table Support

The look and feel of pivot tables in the spreadsheet control have been modified to be similar to Excel pivot tables.

Freeze panes

Freeze panes is a feature that allows a row or column to lock in place, making it always visible when scrolling vertically or horizontally. Spreadsheet allows users to freeze columns to the left or right or freeze rows to the top or bottom of the worksheet.

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