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What's New in Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC

As a pioneer in ASP.NET MVC, Syncfusion has invested in a suite of MVC components numbering more than 70. Volume 2 adds even more features, such as a new date range picker, text annotations, and comment editing for PowerPoint files.


Localization support from resource files

With localization support based on resource files, text is generated according to application or component culture when the control is rendered.

Date-range picker

The date-range picker is a new MVC helper component that allows a date range to be picked from a set of predefined or custom date-time ranges in an application.

Key Features

  • An option to select dates from a pop-up window.
  • An option to set predefined custom ranges for easier selection.
  • Localization support.
  • Mobile friendly.


Pie of a pie series

A new feature has been added to create a pie of pie chart.


Support has been added for printing a chart.

Improved axis element placement

The chart control can now prevent axis elements, such as labels and titles, from being placed inside the chart area when charted values cross the axes.

Circular gauge


Legend support has been added to represent ranges in a circular gauge.


Template options for labels

The diagram control now supports defining template content for labels in both HTML and SVG rendering modes.


Word-to-PDF enhancements

DocIO now supports equation fields during Word-to-PDF conversion.


PDF export

Now it is possible to export Gantt contents to PDF.

Custom toolbar items

The Gantt control now provides support for custom toolbar items.

Mapping expand status

It is now possible to map the expand/collapse status of a record in Gantt at initial load.

List Box


Sorting support is now provided to automatically sort list items in ascending or descending order.

List View

Virtual scrolling

Virtual scrolling support in both normal and continuous mode has been added to load large amounts of data on-demand without buffering.


PDF security enhancements

PDF 2.0 security features (AES Revision 6) are now supported.

PDF Viewer

Text markup annotation

Support for text markup annotations (highlight, underline, and strikethrough) has been added to the PDF viewer control. Now PDF documents can be loaded, text markup annotations can be included, and existing annotations can be edited.

Pivot Chart

Grouping labels

Grouping labels in the pivot chart give you options to drill up or down to provide a detailed view of series information.

Pivot Client

Calculated members

The pivot client supports creating and displaying dimensions and measures at run time through an interactive dialog.

Common to All Pivot Controls

Mondrian XML/A connection (client mode)

All pivot controls can retrieve multidimensional data from Mondrian through an XML/A connection across different versions, applicable only to client mode.


Comments support

Presentation now supports creating and modifying comments in PowerPoint presentations.

Rich Text Editor

Paste cleanup

Content copied from Word or a webpage (HTML) will be preprocessed, cleaned, and formatted for proper HTML when pasted into the rich text editor.


Hide weekend days

Weekend days can be hidden in the scheduler, allowing it to display only working days in all views.

Spell Checker

Check spelling while typing

The spell checker control actively checks for spelling errors when the Enter key or space bar is pressed. It can also check for errors at regular intervals or within selected text.

Spell-check multiple targets using class

Multiple HTML elements—such as div, span, textarea, and input—can be spell-checked based on CSS class or ID.

Check spelling in inline frames

The spell checker control allows content within inline frames (<iframe>) to be checked for spelling errors.

Tree Grid

Adaptive rendering

The tree grid control’s UI has been improved for rendering in mobile environments.

Dialog editing

The tree grid control now provides support for dialog editing.

Custom toolbar items

The tree grid control now provides support for custom toolbar items.

Column validations

Now it is possible to validate a record before updating it to the database in adding and editing actions.

Mapping expand status

It is now possible to map the expand/collapse status of a record in tree grid at initial load.

Check box column

Tree grid provides support to display check box columns with Boolean data.


Icon settings in Excel-to-PDF conversion

Essential XlsIO supports custom icon settings for PDF conversion with the “Show Icon Only” and “Reverse Icon Order” options.

Chart-to-image conversion enhancements

When converting a chart to a PDF file or an image, chart elements, such as titles and display units, now support rich-text, and chart series with different markers are also supported.

Pivot table custom sorting

Pivot table columns can be sorted by an array of strings or by setting a custom position.

Table filters

Excel table rows can be filtered based on text, number value, and date.

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