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What’s New in Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC

Develop even better apps with Essential Studio for ASP.NET MVC’s addition of spark lines for the spreadsheet control, virtual scrolling for the file explorer, and multi-row reordering in the tree grid.


Exporting multiple Syncfusion controls

Support has been added to export multiple Syncfusion controls like grid, chart, tree grid, etc., in a single document (Excel, PDF)

What's New for ASP.NET MVC | Syncfusion


Draw types for polar and radar charts

New draw types for scatter, range column, stacking area, and spline area have been added to polar and radar charts.


Range column

Stacking area


Smart axis labels in 3-D

Support has been provided for smart axis labels in 3-D. Now, the labels will be shown without overlapping the other labels.

Trackball template

Template support has been provided for the trackball tooltip. Now, you can customize the trackball as you like.



Support has been added to categorically arrange a set of nodes onto the diagram and selectively view, print, and lock different categories of nodes.


Sparkline Support

The spreadsheet control supports sparklines, which can be placed inside cells to easily visualize various data points.

File Explorer

Virtual scrolling support

Virtual scrolling support loads files and folders on demand in the file area of the file explorer control. In this case, the items will be loaded when the user scrolls the file explorer content.


Task dependency dialog

Task dependencies can now be either updated or deleted using the task dependency dialog.

QueryTaskbarInfo event

The Gantt control now provides support for the server-side QueryTaskbarInfo event through which task bars can be customized while exporting to PDF.

Daylight saving time

The Gantt control now provides support for tasks that pass through daylight saving time of a given time zone.


RTL support

Right-to-left rendering support for legend and tooltip.

Color mapping from data source support

Map colors from data sources for shapes.

Essential PDF

XFA flattening

Support has been added to flatten the XFA form fields.

Pivot Grid

Migrating from WPF to web

You can now open downloaded XML documents in the web version of the pivot grid control. This is applicable only for relational data sources in server mode.


Add/Remove resources dynamically

Improvements have been made to the method for dynamically adding and removing resources to and from a layout.

Grouped appointments

An option to perform CRUD actions simultaneously on all grouped appointments has been introduced.

Tree Grid

Multiple row reordering

The tree grid now provides support for reordering multiple rows.

Hierarchical filtering

The tree grid now supports filtering records with or without hierarchies.

Tree Map

Color mapping from data source support

Map colors from data sources for tree map items.

Essential XlsIO

Filter enhancements

Essential XlsIO now allows data to be filtered by color and icon.

Export Excel data to business objects

To help populate business objects or model collections from an Excel worksheet, you can export Excel data into an IEnumerable collection, even for platforms that don’t support data tables.

Trace precedents and dependents

Essential XlsIO helps users trace relationships between cells and formulas in an Excel workbook by retrieving precedent ranges to see which cells are referenced in the active cell’s formula and by retrieving dependent ranges to see which cells contain a reference to the active cell.

Copy and paste enhancements

Copy content and paste it as a link, which pastes references of the source range instead of values. When original data changes, the information is automatically changed where the content was pasted as a link.

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