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Essential Studio 2019 vol 2

Syncfusion 2019 Essential Studio Volume 2 is here!

Syncfusion is happy to announce that Essential Studio 2019 Volume 2 is available for download. We believe this release, packed with new controls and features, will make developers jump high in the air, as we have hand-picked all the enhancements from their feedback.

Let’s glance at everything that has been added to each platform.

Xamarin Mobile

  • Ease your mobile app development with the all-new Switch and StepProgressBar controls.
  • The Charts control is enhanced with WPF support in Xamarin.Forms.
  • In the DataGrid, add multilevel headers with stacked-header support and span them across columns.
  • In the Scheduler control, effectively view and focus appointments for an individual or group with timeline and resource view support.
  • Also in the Calendar control, easily navigate across decades and centuries using the century and decade views.
  • Develop applications with accessibility support in PDF Viewer.
  • Also in PDF Viewer, add custom stamps to PDF documents with custom stamp support.
  • Text input layout support was added for the Autocomplete, ComboBox, and DataForm controls.

File Formats: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint

  • Add comments, reply to them, and set their review status with new features in our PDF library.
  • You can now convert single-frame and multi-frame TIFFs to PDFs in ASP.NET Core using our PDF library.
  • Easily create Excel files by importing data from SQL Server through an Excel data connection using our Excel library.
  • Create better visualizations in a spreadsheet with area and line charts using drop-line support in our Excel library.
  • Now execute mail-merge using ADO.NET objects in the ASP.NET Core and Xamarin platforms by using our Word library.
  • Create group shapes in a Word document and preserve them in Word-to-PDF conversion.
  • Protect PowerPoint presentations by enabling write-protection with our PowerPoint library.

Essential JS 2 Web

  • Use the following features of Syncfusion Blazor components to provide a native experience when developing Blazor applications:
    • Two-way data binding.
    • Template rendering.
    • Localization.
    • Right-to-left orientation.
    • Form validation support for Syncfusion Blazor input components.
  • Edit the Blazor DataGrid with CRUD support.
  • Generate 1-D, QR, and Data Matrix bar codes in web applications with the new Barcode Generator.
  • File Manager now supports file system service providers such as SQL Server database, Microsoft Azure cloud storage, Node.js, and Google Drive cloud storage.
  • Load large data instantly and provide a seamless vertical scrolling experience with virtual scrolling support in the TreeGrid control.
  • New canvas rendering support in the Charts control improves rendering performance.
  • Restrict editing in a particular region of a document in the Word Processor.

WinForms Desktop Applications

  • Easily match your application with the high-contrast black theme of Windows 10 using Theme Studio.


The list of features added in Volume 2 doesn’t stop here. We leave the rest for you to explore in the release notes and What’s New sections of our website.

Be sure to try these features in the Essential Studio 2019 volume 2 release and give us your feedback by commenting on this blog post or by using our support forum, Direct-Trac, or feedback portal.


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