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Syncfusion Feedback

Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Why should I choose Syncfusion?

    • At Syncfusion, our mission is to produce award-winning software components that enable developers to produce quality software for the most demanding environments. Our components and frameworks for user interface, business intelligence, and reporting help you save money and get your applications to market faster.

    • Each of our products has a unique and useful feature set that developers find to be an indispensable part of their programming arsenal. Working with Syncfusion’s Essential Studi you can quickly and easily add cutting-edge functionality and the very latest look and feel to your .NET applications, taking the grunt work out of the development cycle and freeing you to focus on the core business logic of your applications.

    • Built with the future in mind: Our products are geared toward long life-cycle applications and designed to meet high standards for flexibility and long-term maintainability.

    • Full source code: We believe in empowering developers with source code, and ours is written to be redistributed and shipped in a tightly integrated manner. You can switch to using our components in debug mode at the flick of a switch.

    • First-rate technical support: Our team is available online, by phone, and through our forum-based support system to ensure you’ll get the answer you need, when you need it.

    • Straightforward, flexible licensing: Syncfusion components are licensed on a per-developer basis with no royalty, run-time, or server-deployment fees. Each licensed developer may install our components on multiple personal machines at home and work.

    • A viable base for standardization: The wide range of solid products in our suites allows customers to reduce their dependence on multiple vendors and streamline their deployment of components.

  2. What Essential Studio packages does Syncfusion offer?

    • Syncfusion offers Essential Studio packages by platform: Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET (Web Forms, MVC, Core), UWP, WinUI, .NET MAUI, Xamarin, Flutter, JavaScript, Angular, Blazor, Vue, and React.
  3. What are the differences between the full source and binary versions?

    • Essential Studio with source code (or any individual product with source code) contains the full code for all the controls in the product. With the source code, you are given additional customization. The binary version is functionally the same as the full version, but does not contain the source code. Advantages of obtaining the full source code are discussed next in this FAQ.
  4. What are the advantages of obtaining full source code?

    • When you buy from Syncfusion, you do not have to make the traditional, “buy vs. build” tradeoff, wherein you give up source-level transparency for the ease of being able to add a feature using a binary third-party control. With source code, our component becomes an integral and well-documented part of your application, and in some sense we become part of your development team. Benefits of source code include:

      • Well-commented and documented source code.

      • The ability to step into our source code within your application.

      • No bothersome .zip files with pages of instructions to configure debugging. We support one-click debugging.

      • We even support changes to our source code for Enterprise Support customers.

      • We do not stop with shipping full source code. We ensure that the source code can be used with minimal effort. We incorporate a unique debugging support system that allows switching between Debug and Release versions of our library with a single click.

      • Syncfusion’s Essential Studio includes a utility called the AssemblyManager that provides an easy way to change the version of the Syncfusion assemblies you link to. You can choose between Debug and Release on a per-product basis. When the version you wish to link to is changed in the AssemblyManager, the references in the current project are automatically updated so that the new assemblies will be used the next time you run the application.

      • When linking to the Debug version, you can step right into the component source code to debug a problem, should the need arise.

  5. What is the language used to write your components?

    • Syncfusion’s components are written in C#. These components can be used in C#, VB.NET, or any other .NET language. We also provide samples in both C# and VB.NET.

    • Syncfusion’s client-side components are written in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, and other languages. These languages are supported by all web platforms. We also provide samples in these languages.

  6. I have a question that is not answered in this FAQ. Where can I ask it?

    • Please contact our sales team using the contact information provided, and they will be happy to assist you.
  7. Does the current release of Syncfusion Essential Studio support my configuration of Visual Studio and .NET?

    • Our Windows Forms and reporting products are compatible with .NET 2.0 or later and can be used with Visual Studio 2005 or later.

    • Our WPF, ASP.NET, and ASP.NET MVC products are compatible with .NET 3.5 for use in Visual Studio 2008 or later.

    • Our Blazor product is compatible with .NET Core SDK 3.1.8 for use in Visual Studio 2019 or later.

    • Our ASP.NET Core product is compatible with .NET Core SDK 2.0 for use in Visual Studio 2017 or later.


  1. Can I evaluate Essential Studio before buying?

    • You can download a 30-day evaluation and have full access to samples, documentation, and support. You can even test the deployment of your application. However, after 30 days, your unlock key will expire. If you need more time or have any questions, please contact sales.
  2. I am having trouble downloading the evaluation.

    • Our evaluation files are large. We recommend downloading the evaluation with a download manager utility such as the one from Free Download Manager. If this does not help please, contact us for assistance. We appreciate your interest and thank you for your patience in this matter.


  1. How much does Syncfusion Essential Studio cost?

    • A single developer license for Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise costs $4,995.00 US (source) and $2,495.00 US (binary) and includes a one-year subscription. It offers one year of free support and quarterly updates. We offer discounts for volume licensing, academic pricing, and competitive upgrades. Please refer to our Price List page to view our entire price list. We license Syncfusion Essential Studio on a developer basis. We do not charge run-time, royalty, or deployment fees. You have the right to install the products on multiple machines. Please refer to the section in this FAQ on licensing for more details. To obtain a quotation tailored to your specific needs, please fill out our Contact Sales form.


  1. What types of special pricing are offered?

    • Syncfusion offers the following types of special license pricing:

      • Site

      • Group, team, and global

      • Academic

      • Retail volume discount

      • Promotional discount

      • Competitive upgrade

    • Please contact our sales team for more information about each type of special pricing option.

  2. What is included in the Academic Pricing?

    • Yes, we do offer academic pricing. Our products are available at reduced prices to students, faculty, and staff members of schools, colleges, and universities, as well as charitable organizations that qualify for tax exemptions as described in the Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Single user upgrades are not available at reduced prices. If your purchase qualifies for the above discounts, please contact us, including your IRS tax ID or school ID. Academic pricing is not available through our online ordering system.


  1. How does Syncfusion license software?

    • We license on a per-developer basis. All members of a development team using our products will need a license. We do not charge run-time, royalty, or deployment fees. For additional details on our licensing, please refer to our licensing model.
  2. Does my license purchase entitle me to support and new releases?

    • Each license includes the first year of subscription services to ensure access to all minor and major releases as well as technical support. Please see the subscription section below for more details.
  3. What are the terms for licensing the source code of Syncfusion products?

    • You may choose to purchase the source code edition for any of our products. If you choose the Essential Studio Enterprise Source Edition, the full source code will be made available to you. Please contact sales if you need further details.
  4. Can one licensed copy be installed on more than one computer?

    • In certain cases, we understand that developers need to use more than one computer. You can install one licensed copy of our product on several computers as long as it is used only by a licensed developer.
  5. How can I obtain a copy of your latest software license agreement?

  6. Does Syncfusion allow license transfers?

    • Only in exceptional cases does Syncfusion allow license transfers. Transfer requests are only considered for active subscribers within the same organization. Please contact your account manager to request further information or contact Sales.


  1. Who is eligible?

    • Companies and individuals with less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue, 5 or fewer developers, and 10 or fewer total employees.

    • Note: An entity or organization may not have ever received more than $3,000,000 USD in capital from an outside source, such as private equity or venture capital, in order to be eligible for the Community License.

  2. Can the products be used to build commercial applications?

    • Yes.
  3. How long are the licenses valid ?

    • The community licenses do not expire. You will continue to receive support and updates for new versions.
  4. How is the $12,475 value calculated?

    • Each license of Essential Studio is valued at $2,495. For companies that take advantage of the five-license maximum, the total value is $12,475.
  5. Why are you doing this? What’s the catch?

    • We loved what Microsoft did with Visual Studio Community Edition and decided to extend it to our products as well. There is no catch, but we would really appreciate it if you help spread the message through Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.
  6. How can we help market Syncfusion’s efforts?

  7. Why do you require a LinkedIn or Xing login for the Community License?

    • Community License is offered at no charge, and we need to verify your eligibility. LinkedIn and Xing are established sites that help us do that as well as save time. At Syncfusion, we take your privacy seriously. We will just do a read-only verification of your profile and neither LinkedIn nor Xing will track your Syncfusion activities.


  1. What are Syncfusion products?

    • Syncfusion’s products are not tools; they are software frameworks. One way to think about software frameworks is to see them as just packaged source code. Packages are typically referred to as “assemblies” in the .NET world, though other packing mechanisms may be used for other platforms, such as the JavaScript platform. We will use the term “assemblies” to refer to any form of package that is used to consume our code. Once Syncfusion assemblies are introduced into a product, they become an integral part of it during both development and deployment. Thus, the product cannot usually be modified in any way without relying on Syncfusion.
  2. What is Syncfusion’s value addition?

    • Syncfusion is focused on value addition. We add value that easily exceeds the investment by many multiples. We are committed to continued value addition so that your products can be the best in the market. Thank you for choosing Syncfusion Essential Studio.
  3. Does everyone need a license?

    • Yes, with our team license model, every individual in the development stage who works with our software frameworks, has a copy of our software frameworks, or has access to our software frameworks, either directly or indirectly, must have a license.

    • During the development of an application, Syncfusion requires anyone (1) coming in contact with a copy of the assemblies or (2) working as part of projects that use or otherwise depend on our assemblies in any fashion to be licensed. Syncfusion also requires anyone calling into or depending on any products that use Syncfusion assemblies during development to be licensed.

    • This would apply to any programmatic use, such as frameworks, web services, etc.

    • It is important to note that most developers using our products during development will not be installing a copy of our products. They may instead be acquiring a copy from source control or accessing an API-implemented program that uses our controls. They would need to be licensed regardless of the methods used to participate in the project.

    • Syncfusion also requires any testers using automated scripts to be licensed. Manual testers who do not have any development role do not need to be licensed.

  4. What is Syncfusion’s subscription service?

    • All licenses are pure subscriptions. This means that if you do not renew the subscription, it will terminate, and you will need to remove all Syncfusion products from all of your systems, software, applications, and developments. You do not need to recall anything that was distributed outside of your organization. However, you cannot continue to lease, license, or provide maintenance to any applications that contain or depend on Syncfusion’s products.

    • While the subscription is active, you will have access to support services 24 hours per day, five days per week. You will also receive at least four updates per year.

  5. Do I have to renew my subscription service to keep working with the software license?

    • You would need to maintain an active subscription to possess Syncfusion’s software. This means at the expiration or termination of the subscription, you would not need to recall anything that has already been distributed outside of your organization, but you would need to remove the Licensed Product from your systems and applications. At such time, you would not be able to continue to possess the Licensed Product or possess, distribute, lease, license, or provide maintenance to any applications that contain or depend on the Licensed Product.
  6. Why should I renew my active subscription?

    • We encourage you to renew your subscription while it is still active because it will guarantee the renewal pricing for the next year and give you uninterrupted access to technical support services and updates. If you’re considering whether or not to renew at this time, please keep in mind that an active subscription entitles you to unlimited technical support and new releases. If you choose to renew more than two weeks after your subscription expires, the cost to renew will be 60% of the full license list price. If your subscription has lapsed over 30 days, the reinstatement/renewal will be 75% of the license list price.

    • What happens if I upgrade my license from a retail license to a subscription license?

    • If you choose to upgrade, we want to be transparent with you that the new license you would receive is a subscription license. You would need to continue to keep an active subscription to possess Syncfusion’s software. This means at the expiration or termination of the subscription, you would not need to recall anything that has already been distributed outside of your organization, but you would need to remove the Licensed Product from your systems and applications. At such time, you would not be able to continue to possess the Licensed Product or possess, distribute, lease, license, or provide maintenance to any applications that contain or depend on the Licensed Product.

    • Should you choose not to renew the retail license now and decide that you need to perform updates in the future, you will need to obtain licensing with one of the subscription options listed on our website.

  7. How can I renew my subscription?

  8. What technical support options does Syncfusion offer?

    • Each of our licenses, as mentioned above, includes the first year of subscription service. The subscription service includes unlimited web-based technical support, phone support, and access to all minor and major releases for a period of 12 months. Along with our Standard Support subscription service, we offer Enterprise Support and custom support agreements, such as 24 x 7 support. Please contact your account manager if you require further information.
  9. What is Enterprise Support?

    • Here are just a few of the privileges you’ll enjoy with Enterprise Support:

      • Incident turnaround time of 24 hours or less (to confirm receipt and share the time required to address the issue).

      • Access to a dedicated support contact for regular support issues.

      • Priority escalation of defect fixes.

      • Priority consideration for feature requests.

      • Special email support with guaranteed callback (when requested) on all days including weekends and holidays between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern Time.

    • For more comprehensive information on this premium support option, please contact Syncfusion Sales at sales@syncfusion.com.


  1. How can I place an order for Syncfusion products?

    • You can place an order for Syncfusion products using any of these methods: over the Web, or by phone.

    • Online: You can order Syncfusion products through our Web site using our secure ordering system.

    • Phone: You can order Syncfusion products over the phone by calling our sales team at 888-936-8638 (+1-919-481-1974).

    • Please note that to fulfill your order, we require the names and e-mail addresses of each end user. This is to ensure quicker turnaround and access to software. After placing your order, you will be e-mailed download instructions for the product you purchased as well as the required key to unlock the product. If you need assistance placing your order, please contact sales.

  2. How do I order through the Web site?

    • You can order Syncfusion products through the Web site by using our secure ordering system. Just follow the instructions on the page and contact us if you have any questions.
  3. What is the turnaround time for orders to be fulfilled?

    • You should receive your unlock key and download instructions within four hours if your order is submitted before 4:00 p.m. Eastern time on a business day. Orders submitted after these hours or on a non-business day will be handled by 12:00 p.m. Eastern time on the next business day.
  4. What are the delivery options for Syncfusion products?

    • When you order a Syncfusion product, you will be sent download instructions electronically and given an unlock key to access the products you purchased. If you would like us to ship you a CD, there is an additional $20.00 US fee.
  5. What payment options are available?

    • You can pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Please contact sales for more information or our bank details.
  6. Will I receive an invoice?

    • If you buy with a corporate purchase order, an invoice will be mailed the business day following the order. If you want your invoice faxed to you, let us know by e-mailing Sales. You can also view your invoice(s) by logging in to your Direct-Trac Developer Support System account. If you place your order using a credit card, your invoice will be e-mailed to you. The invoice will detail the amount charged to your credit card.
  7. What is Syncfusion’s return policy?

    • All our products come with an unconditional, 30-day money-back guarantee. Contact our sales team for more information.
  8. Can I purchase Syncfusion products through resellers or distributors?

    • You may purchase our products directly or through one of our reseller partners. If you need to locate a reseller in your country, please visit our reseller page.
  9. I am an international buyer, can I buy Syncfusion products?

    • Yes, international buyers can buy our products subject to US government regulations. You may purchase directly or through a reseller in your country.
  10. I just purchased a license of Essential Studio and have a question about deploying, compiling, or upgrading. Where can I go for assistance and further information?

  11. After downloading the evaluation version of Essential Studio Enterprise, I purchased a full license. Do I have to uninstall the evaluation and then download and install the full version?

    • If you have purchased Essential Studio Enterprise Binary Edition, or any other binary product, you can simply add or remove the evaluation unlock key and apply the full unlock key for full access (use the License Manager Utility available on the Syncfusion Dashboard). If you purchased the source code edition of any of our products, then you will need to uninstall the evaluation first, download the source edition, and then apply the source unlock key.
  12. I just purchased a license and my unlock key is not working. What should I do?

    • Does the unlock key you received match the version you have installed?

    • Have you applied the full unlock key and not the evaluation unlock key?

    • Please note that you may generate your own unlock key by logging in to Direct-Trac at www.syncfusion.com/support using your e-mail address and password.

    • Still need further assistance? Please e-mail salessupport@syncfusion.com.

  13. I just purchased the binary edition of Essential Studio Enterprise. Can I upgrade to the Source Edition in the future?

    • Yes, you certainly can do that. You will need to contact sales with your request. You will simply pay the difference in price between the binary and source editions of your product.
  14. If I purchase an individual product, like Essential Grid Binary, can I upgrade later to Essential Studio Enterprise?

    • Yes, we offer upgrades from individual products to any studio of your choice. Like the upgrade mentioned above, you will simply pay the difference in list price between the product you purchased and the studio. You will need to contact sales with your request.
  15. I just purchased a license; where can I access online documentation and further resources?

    • The best URL to bookmark is our technical support page, which provides access to our knowledge base, Direct-Trac, and online documentation.
  16. I just joined a project team that has standardized on an older release of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise. Can I order an older release?

    • Yes, this is possible. When you place your order, please be sure to reference which version you need to access. You may also contact sales to make your request.


  1. What is an unlimited license?

    • Unlimited licenses are subscription licenses that provide you with unlimited Essential Studio licenses for a project, team, division, or company. You get access to our entire suite of 1,700+ controls and frameworks.
  2. What are the benefits of an unlimited license?

    • Unlimited licenses free you from having to count licenses. Software licensing can be expensive when you expand development teams. With unlimited licenses, you will continue to be covered for the same annual fee.

    • Unlimited license customers can save up to 90% in licensing costs over retail. Actual savings will depend on the scope of your adoption.

    • Unlimited licenses also provides additional benefits, such as access to our popular Dashboard Platform. License holders have unlimited access to our Dashboard Platform. Customers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in licensing fees by deploying our dashboard solution across their organization.

  3. Can I call someone if I need advice on my products?

    • Absolutely. All unlimited license holders benefit from access to our awesome Customer Success team in addition to unlimited technical support.
  4. Do we truly get unlimited support?

    • Yes. Our technical support is legendary. You can check our reviews on G2Crowd and other sites to learn more. We are serious about ensuring that you succeed in your software development goals.
  5. What size company qualifies for an unlimited license?

    • A company of any size can benefit from the unlimited license program. We have customers from $5 million in annual revenue to several hundred billion, and companies with 5 developers to 10,000+ developers. If you have less than $1 million in annual revenue, you should check out our free community license program.
  6. What happens if my development team doubles in size during the term of use?

    • There is no change in price and no extra fees. You can add as many developers as you need.
  7. Do we have to contact Syncfusion to add additional developers?

    • Syncfusion licenses are managed through an online portal. Designated administrators on your side can directly manage users.
  8. Can we purchase an unlimited license online?

    • All unlimited licenses are available directly from our team of sales experts. You can fill out a contact us form online and a sales team member will contact you or send them an email at sales@syncfusion.com.

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