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What's New in Essential Studio for Windows Forms


What's New in Essential Studio for Windows Forms

Volume 2 keeps Windows Forms vital as ever with the official release of our next-generation data grid, new combo box and list view controls, and pivot grid serialization and deserialization.

Combo Box

New control

The combo box is an enhanced control that displays a list of items in a drop-down, allowing users to select one or more items.

Key features

  • Data binding: Supports binding IEnumerable type data sources.
  • Autocomplete: Supports different modes of autocomplete actions.
  • Multiselection: Supports selection of multiple items from the drop-down list.
  • Select all items: Supports choosing all the items in the multiselect combo box.
  • Watermark: Prompts users by providing hints about the data entered in the text box.
  • Tooltip: Displays tooltip when selecting values in the multiselect combo box.
  • Styling: Supports styles and appearance customization.
  • Pop-up resizing: Supports resizing the drop-down container using a resize gripper placed at the bottom of the pop-up control.
  • Accessibility: Supports various accessibility features to make applications available to a wide variety of users.
  • Themes: Supports built-in Office 2016 themes.

List View

New control

The list view control displays a collection of items with a check box next to each one. The items can be sorted, grouped, and filtered easily.

Key features

  • Data binding: Supports binding IEnumerable type data sources.
  • Data operations: Supports sorting, grouping, and filtering with fast data processing.
  • Selection: Supports selecting an item using different selection modes.
  • Check box with selection: Supports choosing multiple items from the list with different check box selection modes. It also supports selecting all the list view items in the list and items in groups.
  • Item height: Height for the group header and item can be customized. Fits all items based on the content.
  • Styling: Supports customizing the styles and appearances of items in the list.
  • Themes: Supports built-in Office 2016 themes.
  • Accessibility: Supports various accessibility features to make applications available to a wide variety of users.

Data Grid

The new data grid has been released in its final version. The following new features are included.

Master-details view

Bind any data source with the master-details relationship. It displays related records in a nested hierarchical grid under the parent records. Users can define the relation for hierarchical view by using the GridViewDefinition.

Cell merging

Merge the cells programmatically by using the QueryCoveredRange in data grid. It merges the cells in either a horizontal or vertical direction with similar or dissimilar data.

Busy indicator

This feature allows you to display the busy indicator for data operations such as data loading, sorting, grouping, and filtering. This is used to make the UI responsible until completion of the above data operations.

Font orientation

This feature allows you to rotate the text in the cells to any degree.

Combo box column type

New combo box column type support has been provided to change the cell values based on the data source bound in the combo box.

Multiselect combo box filter row editor

Filter more than one value which are equal to the selected items of multi select combo box filter row editor.

Combo box filter row editor

Filter a value which is equal to the selected item of combo box filter row editor.

Essential XlsIO

Group shape support

XlsIO now allows grouping multiple shapes into a single grouped shape. This is used to apply shape settings to all the shapes in a group at the same time. All grouped shapes can be ungrouped at once or a specific shape can be ungrouped.

AutoShapes support in Excel to PDF conversion

Excel documents with AutoShapes can now be converted to PDF.

Pivot Table layout enhancement

Supports additional layout option to repeat data of specific fields or all fields.

Excel chart styles

By setting the style ID between 1 and 48, the chart style can now be changed easily. The default style ID is 2.

Copy and paste enhancement

Skips blank cells while copying data from source range to destination range.

Essential PDF

PDF to PDF/A-1b

Convert existing PDF documents to PDF/A-1b documents.

Custom metadata

Add custom metadata to PDF documents.

Document timestamp

Add timestamp to PDF documents without using certificates.

Digital signature flattening

Flatten the digital signature fields in existing PDF documents.

Auto resize the text of text box field

Automatically resize the text of text box fields.

Adding annotations to the PDF layers

Add annotations to the PDF layers.

Essential DocIO

Word-to-PDF enhancements

Essential DocIO now allows the following features in Word-to-PDF conversion:

  • Preservation of the embedded fonts from a Word DOCX document in the resultant PDF document.
  • Editable form fields such as text boxes, check boxes, and drop-downs in the Word document are now converted to their equivalent AcroForm fields in the resultant PDF document.
  • Headings in the Word document are now converted to PDF bookmarks in the resultant PDF document.
  • Word documents are now converted into 508 compliant accessible PDF (Tagged PDF) documents.
  • Customization of font substitution with an option to set the alternate font stream.

Strict Open XML documents

Essential DocIO now allows you to open and save Strict Open XML format (*.docx) documents.

Grid Grouping Control

Event to customize the data bar cells

The grid grouping control supports customizing the minimum and maximum values for specific data bar cells based on the record values by using an event.

ICustomTypeDescriptor binding support

The grid grouping control allows the adding or removing of visible columns in grid view at runtime by using the ICustomTypeDescriptor interface.


Tab customization

The DockingManager now allows you to customize the tab header appearance by changing the background and foreground for active and inactive tabs.


Ribbon customization and Quick Access Toolbar windows combine into a single dialog like in Office Ribbon. We have also provided an option to hide application icons as well as tab scrolling support when more ribbon tabs are present in ribbon.

Syntax Editor

IntelliSense enhancements

IntelliSense popup appearance and size based on filtered items have been improved similar to Visual Studio.


Now, all static texts used in built-in dialogs of EditControl can be localized.

Pivot Grid

Save and Load

Users can easily save and load the pivot grid control’s report and settings anytime in either XML or stream format.

Essential Presentation

Animation support

Support to create and edit animations in PowerPoint presentation.

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