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What's New in Essential Studio for Windows Forms

Essential Studio for Windows Forms’ impressive collection of controls and features gets even better with a faster data grid, PDF flattening, and eight new controls.


Office 2016 Theme support

Office 2016-inspired theme support for following controls:

  • GridControl
  • GridGroupingControl
  • GridListControl
  • GridRecordNavigationControl
  • Diagram
  • TreeViewAdv
  • Spreadsheet Control
  • Palette Group Bar
  • Palette Group View
  • SuperTooltip
  • ScrollersFrame
  • MulticolumnTreeView
  • ComboBoxAdv
  • ComboBoxBase
  • Autocomplete
  • ComboBoxAutocomplete
  • ComboDropDown
  • MultiSelectionComboBox
  • TextBoxExt
  • PDF Viewer
  • CurrencyTextBox
  • IntegerTextBox
  • DoubleTextBox
  • TreeNavigator
  • PercentTextBox
  • MaskedEditBox
  • DomainUpDownExt
  • NumericUpDownExt
  • ColorPickerUIAdv
  • ColorPickerButton
  • ColorUIControl
  • Button
  • ButtonEdit
  • SplitButton
  • RadioButtonAdv
  • StatusBarAdv
  • StatusStripEx
  • MiniToolBar
  • CheckBoxAdv
  • ContextMenuStripEx
  • Docking Manager
  • Tab Control
  • Tabbed MDI Manager
  • Tabbed Grouped MDI Manager
  • Split Container
  • Tab Bar Splitter Control
  • Data Grid

    New control

    We are excited to introduce a brand-new data grid control for Windows Forms. This new version provides benefits not found in the older control, such as better performance, touch friendliness, and lightweight structure as well as other improvements. Since the new data grid is based on and shares code with our market-leading data grid control for WPF and UWP, it already has a very mature feature set including grouping, filtering, summaries, stacked headers, and Excel exporting. We intended to make the new control the best-performing data grid in the market, and with speeds 2-3 times faster than the already high-performance older control, we believe we have.


    New Control

    The calendar control provides multiple views of the month, year, and decade so that dates can be displayed and selected. It also has an option to navigate between different views with support for multiple selection and complete control customization.


    Following are the key features of the calendar control:

    • Different views: Support for month, year, and decade views to quickly select dates.
    • Date-range support: Maximum and minimum date support to prevent users from selecting dates within a specified range.
    • Globalization and localization: Support for localized first day of the week, localized static text, and day names based on culture.
    • Special dates: Support for highlighting special dates with icons and descriptions.
    • Blackout dates: Support for blocking certain dates from selection and user interaction. Separate styles can be applied to blackout dates.
    • Accessibility: Touch, keyboard, and mouse support to make applications available to a wide variety of users.


    New Control

    The date-time edit control allows users to type or select a date from a calendar and provides formatting and various customization options for the calendar.


    Following are the key features of the date-time edit control:

    • Editing mode: Supports default text editing and mask mode, which helps restrict date input in formatted values based on a date-time pattern.
    • Date-range support: Maximum and minimum date support to prevent users from setting a date or time within a specified range.
    • Globalization: Support for different date-time formats and patterns based on different cultures.
    • Date validation: Support for date validation and error messages due to invalid dates or when date range constraints are met.
    • Accessibility: Touch, keyboard, and mouse support to make applications available to a wide variety of users.
    • Watermarks: Support to display watermark text when a selected date is null.


    New control

    The numeric text box control is an advanced text box that allows you to enter numeric values in a specific format such as numeric, currency, and percent. It also provides support to display values with custom units.


    Following are the key features of the numeric text box control:

    • Different modes: Supports specific modes like numeric, currency, and percent.
    • Value range support: Allows us to define and validate the value based on minimum and maximum values.
    • Formatting: Supports formatting values based on user needs.
    • Hide trailing zeros: Supports hiding trailing zeros.
    • Watermark: Supports displaying watermark text when a value is null.
    • Custom units: Supports displaying values with custom units which can be appended as a prefix or suffix.


    New control

    Button is an advanced button control providing complete customization of its appearance and capable of displaying an image along with various customizations.

    Key Features

    Following are the key features of the button control:

    • Appearance customization - Customize the appearance of the control in different states (hover, pressed, focused, disabled). Also apply gradient colors.
    • Rich text formatting - Load rich text formatted text.
    • Image support - Load an image as content. GIF images are also supported.


    New control

    Syncfusion’s form is a window control that provides complete customization of the appearance and loading of the custom user interface in the title bar.

    Key features

    Following are the key features of the form control:

    • Title bar customization - Customize the appearance of the title bar and load a user control as a title bar.
    • MDI customization - Add the MDI child forms and customize the appearance of the MDI child forms.

    Smith Chart

    New control

    Smith chart is one of the most useful data visualization tools for high frequency circuit applications.

    Key features

    • Rendering Type: Visualization of the impedance and admittance of a transmission line.
    • Series and Marker: Representation of data with line series and various types of markers.
    • Data Label: Data label support for better readability.
    • RTL: RTL (right to left) rendering.
    • Legend:: Interactive legends for series.
    • Palette:: Palette color support for Smith chart series and points.


    New control

    The Syncfusion tooltip control is an advanced tooltip control that provides options to display multiple lines, multiple items, and a balloon style. Tooltip can load images and host any control. You can also customize its location relative to the cursor.

    Key features

    Following are the key features of the tooltip:

    • Multiple items - Add more than one tooltip item to display them similar to Office applications, with headers and footers.
    • Adding user controls - Load a user control in the tooltip that can be used to provide a rich tooltip for the end user.
    • Customization - Customize the complete appearance and display position relative to the cursor, as well as opening and closing delays.

    Scroller Frame

    New control

    Scroller frame control attaches theme-able scrollbars to any controls that are derived from the Microsoft ScrollableControl or container, or the Syncfusion scroller control. The theme-able scrollbar can be displayed over the control’s default scrollbar position.

    Key features

    Following are the key features of the Scroller Frame,

    • Scrollbar appearance customization - Customize each element of both the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
    • Scroll amount - Change the scrollbar value and SmallChange value for both the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
    • Scrollbar context menu customization - Customize the default context menu of horizontal and vertical scrollbars.
    • Localization - Localize the default strings of the horizontal and vertical scrollbars’ context menu.

    PDF Viewer

    Improved PDF rendering support

    Now, PDF viewer control provides a robust rendering of PDF documents using the PDFium rendering engine.

    Essential PDF

    XFA flattening

    Support has been added to flatten the XFA form fields.

    Essential XlsIO

    Filter enhancements

    Essential XlsIO now allows data to be filtered by color and icon.

    Export Excel data to business objects

    Export Excel data into an IEnumerable collection even on platforms that don’t support data tables. This helps developers populate business objects or model collections from an Excel worksheet very easily.

    Trace precedents and dependents

    XlsIO assists users to trace the relationships between cells and formulas in Excel workbooks by providing the following abilities:

    • Get precedent ranges to see which cells are referenced in the active cell’s formula.
    • Get dependent ranges to see which cells contain a reference to the active cell.

    Print Excel worksheets based on page and printer settings without depending on Microsoft Excel or Adobe Reader.

    Copy and paste enhancements

    XlsIO now supports copying content and pasting it as a link, which pastes references of the source range instead of pasting values. When the original data changes, the information is automatically changed where the content was pasted as a link.


    Provides support for importing hyperlink on images, which allows user to navigate to a webpage or another place within a workbook when clicking on an image.

    What's New for Windows Forms | Syncfusion

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