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What's New in Essential Studio for JavaScript

The most comprehensive set of HTML5 and JavaScript controls for enterprise web development has been enriched throughout 2016, and Volume 4 closes out the year with a new date range picker control plus many new features.


Theme Studio

Product Version Switching

Theme studio now has the option to switch to the previous version in order to customize the corresponding version’s themes.

Angular 2 Support

Essential Studio for JavaScript now seamlessly supports Angular 2 template rendering inside Essential Studio for JavaScript components.

See Demo

Knockout Support

Knockout support has been upgraded to support two-way template binding for controls that support template binding.

JSP Support

The Syncfusion JSP server-side wrapper provides over 40 controls for creating rich, dynamic web applications effortlessly. The components offered with this package are JavaScript UI controls whose functionality and appearance can be easily customized via options and themes.


DateTimeCategory Axis

Data points can be plotted with equal spaces along the category axis while the range and interval can be calculated by both date and time.

Data Editing

Data points can be edited through mouse or touch interactions.

Date Range Picker

The DateRangePicker is a calendar-type control which uses two inline calendars as single input elements to select two different dates, establishing a range. The two selected dates will be considered as the start date and end date in the range.

Key Features

  • Provides an option to select dates from a pop-up.
  • Provides an option to set predefined custom ranges for easier selection.
  • Supports AngularJS and KnockoutJS frameworks.
  • Supports localization.
  • Mobile-friendly.


Excel Export

The Gantt chart now provides support for exporting content to Excel.

PDF viewer

Form Filling

Form filling support has been added to PDF viewer control, allowing users to fill, edit, and save values in the form fields of AcroForms in a PDF document.

Client Buffering

The PDF viewer control supports buffering of page contents from the server to the client in the background to avoid server side interactions during virtualization of the pages. After the completion of this buffering process, there will be no interaction between the client and the server in viewing and printing pages of the PDF document.

Pivot Client

Label and Value Filtering

The pivot client supports filtering values by label and value. This is available for OLAP data sources (in both server and client mode) and relational data sources (in client mode alone).

Pivot Grid

Label and Value Filtering

The pivot grid supports filtering values by label and value. This is available for OLAP data sources (in both server and client mode) and relational data sources (in client mode alone).


On-Demand Rendering

Loading content on demand improves the initial rendering time of the ribbon by rendering tab and backstage content when tabs and backstage items are clicked. This feature also supports initial collapsible rendering of the ribbon, which results in ribbon tabs rendering without any content initially.


Month Name Display in Horizontal Custom View

Visual improvement to horizontal custom view has been made to identify to which month the consecutive date belongs when more than one month is rendered. Hovering over these dates will also reveal the full date details.


Excel-Like Pivot Table Support

The look and feel of pivot tables in the spreadsheet control has been modified to be similar to Excel pivot tables.

Tree Grid

Column Reordering

The tree grid now supports reordering columns interactively.

Column Resize Modes

The tree grid now provides column resizing modes for setting column widths dynamically.

Column Menu Filtering

The tree grid now provides support for menu filtering with built-in predicates.

Tree View

Full Row Selection

The tree view control provides the option to highlight a full row of tree view nodes.

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