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What's New in Essential Studio for JavaScript

Year after year, Syncfusion adds to its substantial offering of JavaScript controls. With the release of Volume 3, the JavaScript suite now includes features essential for printing, spellchecking, and signing documents, among many other new features.


Angular 2 Support

With improved Angular 2 support, Essential Studio for JavaScript ships with a suite of Angular 2 components comprised of wrappers over Syncfusion JavaScript controls. Essential Studio for JavaScript is now compatible with the Angular 2.0 final release.

See Demo

Aurelia Support

The Aurelia-Syncfusion bridge has been upgraded to support the Aurelia RTM. The bridge now also allows users to preview, live-edit, and save the Syncfusion Aurelia samples.

See Demo

New Themes

Four new themes are available for JavaScript components: two that are high contrast, a material theme, and an Office 365 theme.

High Contrast 1

High Contrast 2


Office 365


We have added support for the React JavaScript library to our existing jQuery-based JavaScript components. Now users can use Syncfusion JavaScript components with React applications to build complex, enterprise-grade web applications.

React is an DOM management library for creating user interfaces. It computes the minimal set of changes that keep your DOM up-to-date.

The Syncfusion React components provide the following features:

  • Declarative data binding
  • Template support
  • 40+ enterprise control wrappers
  • Complete JSX support
  • Code readability and reusable components

Spell Checker

The spell checker control helps find and highlight misspelled words. It displays possible suggestions through a dialog or context menu for correcting spelling mistakes.

Key Features

  • Highlight the erroneous word based on the user-customized style.
  • Ignore words composed of alphanumeric characters, mixed case words, uppercase words, URL links, and file names.
  • Ignore a specific collection of words by using a custom dictionary.
  • Display a number of suggestions based on the user-specified count.

Signature Control

The signature control is a JavaScript plugin for capturing or drawing smooth signatures.

Key Features

  • Captures signatures as vector outlines of strokes.
  • Customize the background, stroke width, and stroke color.
  • Includes undo, redo, and clear options.
  • Convert the captured signature to an image format.

Document Editor (Preview)

The document editor for JavaScript gives end users the ability to view and print the contents of Word (DOCX, DOC), rich text (RTF), and text (TXT) documents page by page, similar to Microsoft Word. It also supports searching specific parts of text in a document, selecting content by both mouse and touch interactions, copying selected content to the clipboard, and zooming.

Key features:

  • View and print Word, RTF, and text documents.
  • Navigate through the pages seamlessly.
  • Text searching.
  • Text selection and copy operations.
  • Magnification support for better viewing.
  • Virtualized pages.


Axis Title Positioning

Chart axis titles can be positioned anywhere within the axis region.

Data Label Wrapping

Data labels placed on pie, doughnut, pyramid, and funnel series can be wrapped.

Grouping Trackball Tooltip

Chart trackball tooltips for multiple series can be grouped together.

Multi-Level Axis Labels

Chart axis labels can be placed on multiple levels.

Pinch Zooming

Charts can be zoomed and panned interactively using touch gestures.

Rounded Corners

The corners of column series in charts can be customized.


History Manager

The diagram control now supports restricting the undo and redo actions to a certain limit.

File Explorer

Drag and Drop Support

The file explorer allows files to be moved from one folder to another by using drag and drop. It also supports uploading a file by dragging it from Windows Explorer to a folder in the file explorer control.

Thumbnail Image Compression Support

The file explorer allows thumbnail images to be compressed on the server side and loaded into the file explorer layout to improve performance when working with large size images.

Managing Shared Folder

The file explorer supports browsing and managing files from a shared folder of a remote system connected through LAN.


Task Scheduling Modes

The Gantt control supports rendering manually and automatically scheduled tasks in a project.

Enhanced Gantt Dialog

The Gantt control provides an enhanced UI for the Add and Edit dialogs, and also a Notes tab for adding task descriptions.

Working Time Range

The Gantt control supports customizable working-time ranges in a day for tasks in a project.

Critical Path

The Gantt chart can highlight important and critical tasks in a project.

Work Field and Effort-Driven Tasks

The Gantt control supports work calculations for tasks based on the task type (fixed duration, fixed work, fixed resource units) and effort-driven values.


Multiple Row Selection Using Check Box Column

Rows can now be selected using a check box column, and a check box can be added to the grid column header for selecting all grid rows.

Editing Support in Virtual Scrolling

The grid control now allows records to be edited while virtual scrolling is enabled.

Heat Map

Internet Explorer 8 Support

Internet Explorer 8 browser support for the heat map control has been added.

Responsive Support

Responsive support for the heat map control has been provided.

Kanban Board


The workflow feature is a set of transitions that a card moves through during its process cycle. Users can define their own flow of transition between the column statuses. If a card is dragged, possible Drop Column cells are highlighted in the dotted line border based on the workflow specified.

Multikey Binding Support for Columns

The kanban control supports multikey binding for individual columns, which supports the transition of card statuses by dragging and dropping from one column to another. If the target column is associated with more than one status, when the issue is hovered over that column, each status will appear as a separate section with a dashed outline, and you can drop the issue in the appropriate status.

Restrictions on Drag and Drop

The kanban control provides support to restrict dragging and dropping for individual columns. If a card is dragged, only possible drop column cells are highlighted in the dotted line border.

Drag And Drop Support across Swim Lanes

The kanban control supports dragging and dropping a card from one swim lane to another. If a card is to be dragged within the same swim lane, only a droppable target cell is added to the dotted line border. If a card is dragged from one swim lane to another, all the kanban cells except the dragged card cell will be added to the dotted line borders.

PDF Viewer

Text Selection

Support to select text using both mouse and touch gestures has been added to PDF Viewer.

Text search with optional case matching has been added to the PDF Viewer.

Download Support

Download support has been added to PDF Viewer, which allows users to download the PDF document loaded in the PDF Viewer control.

Pivot Client

Data Sources

OLAP data can now be retrieved from a cube completely on the client side through XML/A. The pivot client also supports binding relational data sources that work with or without a service.

Paging Support

Paging helps to improve the rendering performance of the pivot visualization controls by breaking a large amount of data into sections for display.

Label and Value Filtering

The pivot client supports filtering members in a hierarchy by label and value. This is available only for OLAP data sources.

Pivot Grid

Frozen Headers

The row and column headers of the pivot grid control can be frozen while scrolling to provide a precise view of the grid content.

Subtotal Hiding

The pivot grid control provides support to hide row and column subtotals of certain headers.

Resizing Columns

The pivot grid allows users to resize each column’s width through a simple drag operation.

Excel-Like Layout

The pivot grid control now supports an appearance that is similar to the pivot table in Microsoft Excel.

Cell Editing

The pivot grid provides support to edit value and total cells. Also, the control updates the values in real time.


Responsive Rendering

The ribbon control can adapt to a given screen size. Ribbon tabs, groups, and content automatically change in a mobile view.

Rich Text Editor

XHTML Validation

The rich text editor supports XHTML validation from the server side to ensure given HTML complies with the XHTML standard. This feature helps export content from the control into a Word or PDF document with the proper formatting.

Custom Execute Command

A custom execute command helps perform rich text editor operations in a more efficient and unique manner.

Key Features

  • Apply formatting based on selection and cursor placement.
  • Command execution behavior for all browser and editor format actions do not depend on the browser APIs.

Schedule Control

PDF Export Improvements

The PDF export option in the schedule control has been enhanced to display custom date ranges; display blocked time intervals; and show or hide all-day, header row, and timescale options in the exported file.

Show or Hide Time Zone Fields

Time zone fields in the appointment window can be shown or hidden.

Ignore Time Zones on Appointments

An option has been added to allow appointments in the schedule to be rendered regardless their time zone. When this option is turned on, the time zone offset calculation on appointments is ignored.


Read-Only Support

The read-only feature allows spreadsheets to be read and copied, comments to be displayed and searched, but the spreadsheet contents cannot be modified.

Context Menu Customization

The spreadsheet context menu can be customized. Context menu items can be added, deleted, disabled, and enabled, and their data sources can be updated.

Initial Rendering Performance

Spreadsheet performance has been improved during initial rendering. The loading time has been reduced, which is useful for rendering multiple spreadsheets in a single page without lagging.

Tree Grid

Check Box Selection

The tree grid control now provides support for selecting rows via check boxes.

Tree View

Multiple Selection

The tree view control provides the option to select more than one node with drag-and-drop functionality.

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