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What's New in Essential Studio for Javascript

No collection of JavaScript controls is as unique or reliable as Syncfusion’s. With this release, we broaden the capabilities of all our JavaScript controls and add three new ones: the heat map, pivot tree map, and sparkline controls.


Angular 2 Support

With improved Angular 2 support, Essential Studio for JavaScript ships with a suite of Angular 2 components comprised of wrappers over Syncfusion JavaScript controls. The current release is compatible with the RC1 release of Angular 2, but we plan to ship an update soon that will be compatible with the RC3 release of Angular 2.

See Demo

Aurelia Support

Essential Studio for JavaScript officially supports the Aurelia framework. We ship a complete set of native Aurelia components comprised of wrappers over the controls available in our JavaScript suite.

See Demo

A library has been implemented to print a page or particular element. The library can be customized to exclude particular elements, open in new tabs, apply external stylesheets, and print the text and images.

Autocomplete Control

Multicolumn Support

The autocomplete control allows multicolumn search lists with selected values that are displayed in a string format.


Cylindrical Chart

Column series can also be rendered in cylindrical shape.

Range scrollbar

Chart can be zoomed and panned smoothly with range scrollbar.

Title trim

Chart title and subtitle can be trimmed or wrapped as desired.


BPMN Shapes

Diagram control now provides built-in support to some complex and most frequently used BPMN shapes

Class Diagram Shapes

Diagram Control provides built-in support to generate class diagram shapes

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart now supports to arrange the leaf level child nodes in multiple rows


Diagram control now provides support to create/read/update/delete the records to the data source at runtime

Dialog Control

The dialog control provides a customizable footer section that is enabled with template support.


Task Label Templates

The Gantt chart can render custom templates for task labels and position the task labels on either side of the taskbar.


The heat map represents tabular data values as gradient colors instead of numbers. Low and high values are different colors with different gradients.

Kanban Board

External Editing

External editing allows Kanban cards to be dynamically inserted and updated by opening an edit form, which can be positioning to the bottom or the right, outside the Kanban content.


With the print feature, a Kanban board can be printed by simply clicking the print icon, which is available in the Kanban toolbar.

Responsive Rendering

This feature allows the Kanban control to adapt to a given screen size. Swim-lane groups, filtering, and searching also change in a mobile view.

PDF Viewer

Responsive Rendering

Responsive rendering allows PDF Viewer be viewed on different screen sizes.

Touch Support

Pages can be navigated and zoomed using touch gestures in Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge browsers.

Pivot Chart

Data Sources

OLAP data can be retrieved from a cube completely at the end of a script through the XML/A option. The pivot chart also supports binding relational data sources that work with or without a service.

Pivot Gauge

Data Sources

OLAP data can be retrieved from a cube completely at the end of a script through the XML/A option. The pivot gauge also supports binding relational data sources that work with or without a service.

Pivot Grid

Calculated Field (Client Mode)

The pivot grid control supports inserting a new calculated field based on existing calculated items through the Calculated Field dialog or code behind. This is applicable only for relational data sources.

Excel-like Filtering and Sorting (Client Mode)

The pivot grid control supports advanced sorting and filtering techniques similar to Microsoft Excel —like label filtering, value filtering, and hierarchy- or level-based sorting. It is applicable only for OLAP data sources.

Exporting (Client Mode)

Content rendered from both OLAP and relational data sources on the client end can be exported to PDF, CSV, and Word.

Cell Selection Enhancement

A single row or column in the pivot grid control can now be selected for external use.

Drill Through (Client Mode)

The drill-through option retrieves raw items used to create a specific cell. This is applicable only for OLAP data sources.

Pivot Tree Map

The pivot tree map control lets users visualize OLAP data in the form of nested nodes in hierarchical order. Some important features are: * Support for OLAP data sources in both client and server modes. * Drill-up and drill-down capabilities. * Normal color mapping and range-based color mapping.

Rotator Control

Template Support

The rotator control provides template support from the data source.

Schedule Control

Blocking Time Intervals

Timeslots in the schedule control can be blocked so that restrictions can be set on those timeslots and also on the appointments within the blocked range. Those blocked appointments will be made read-only and CRUD operations on them will be prevented.


The sparkline control presents trends and variations associated with a measurement, such as average temperature or stock market activity, in a simple, light-weighted, condensed form.

Key Features

  • Line, column, area, win-loss, and pie series are supported.
  • Information can be displayed as a tooltip hovering over a data point.
  • A specific range in a sparkline can be highlighted along the vertical axis.
  • Data points in a sparkline can be identified using markers.

Spreadsheet Control

Responsive Rendering

The spreadsheet control will adaptively render an optimal user interface for phone, tablet, or desktop form factors, helping applications scale elegantly without any additional effort.

Touch Optimized

All spreadsheet control features are optimized for touch screens. This includes swipes for scrolling and taps for selecting, filtering, and sorting.

PDF Exporting

Spreadsheet content can be exported to PDF files.

Data Virtualization

The spreadsheet control supports on-demand data loading when bound to remote and local data sources. This feature greatly improves initial loading time by requesting only the visible data from the data source.

Tree Grid

Excel Exporting

Content from the tree grid can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

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