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What’s New in Essential Studio for JavaScript


What’s New in Essential Studio for JavaScript

Volume 2 provides automatic line routing support in the diagram, RTL support for the chart, multiple axes support for the pivot chart, and more for your web projects.

Report Designer

New control

The report designer component supports creating and editing RDL reports. Using the report designer, users can transform data into meaningful information and visualize it.


  • Provides a wide range of data sources.
  • Supports rich selection of report elements.
  • Provides parameters to filter out data.
  • Supports customization of report elements and management of images.
  • Built-in expression editor and query designer for customizing data and queries.


RTL support

RTL support has been provided for legend, tooltip, and zooming toolkit in chart.

Label rotation based on text-anchor

Chart provides support for rotating axis label with the text-anchor as start.


Automatic LineRouting

Support has been added to automatically reroute the line around the nodes obstructing the line.


Excel-like array formula calculation

Calculate supports array formula calculation like Excel. An array formula is a formula that performs multiple calculations on one or more items in an array. Sample formula: {=A1:A5*B1:B5}

Excel-like table-structured references

Calculate supports table-structured formulas for formula calculation like Excel. A range of cells in a spreadsheet table can be referenced as a table reference.


Table name: Sample

Column A Column B
1 1
2 2
3 4

The range of column A, A1:A3 is based on the previous table. It can be specified by table-structured reference sample [Column A].

New COUNTIFS formula

Calculate supports new COUNTIFS Excel formula. The CountIfs formula returns a number of cells that satisfy a set of given criteria.


Toggle Legend

Provided support to toggle visibility of shapes/bubbles on legend item click.

Pivot Chart

Multiple Axes

You can split the pivot chart and its area into multiple panes to draw multiple series with multiple axes.

Pivot Client

Calculated Members

Users can now frame a dynamic dimension or measure using the existing ones along with a simple calculation at runtime.

Tree Map

Change initial rendering level

Provided support to render the tree map from any level instead of the first level.

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