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What's New in Essential Studio for JavaScript

The broadest collection of JavaScript and HTML5 controls for web development is even better in 2017 Volume 1 with new chart and spreadsheet features, plus a new sunburst chart control.


UPC-A Barcode Support

ejBarcode now provides support for rendering UPC-A barcodes.


Box and Whisker Series

A new box and whisker series type has been added.


The diagram control now supports defining hyperlinks for nodes and connectors.

Export Stretched Diagram

Diagrams can now be exported as stretched images.

Text Overflow for Labels

The diagram control supports a text-overflow property for labels so that text can be clipped or replaced with ellipses.

UML Activity Shapes

The diagram control provides built-in support to generate UML activity shapes.



Enhanced the responsive support for the menu control such that menu items will be moved into overflow popup based on the menu width in desktop mode.

In mobile mode, the responsive property changes as shown below.

Spell Check

Multiple Targets

Multiple target support allows us to spell check one or more targets such as div, span, textarea, and input elements.

Dialog Mode:

Context Menu Mode:


The spell check component adjusts its layout based on browser size while the responsive feature is enabled.



Responsive support has been provided in two types, “Inline” and “Popup.”


With inline responsiveness, the toolbar will be displayed as:

With popup responsiveness, the toolbar will be displayed as:


Week Start Day

The Gantt control now provides support for changing the start day of the week.

Timescale Unit Size

The Gantt control provides support for changing the timescale unit size.


Tooltip for Heat Map

The heat map control now provides support for a tooltip option.

Pivot Client

Size Setting

Provided option to set height and width to render control in various sizes.

Pivot Grid

Sorting Columns and Rows by Value

Support for sorting columns and rows based on value field has been provided for relational data sources in client mode.

Label and Value Filtering

The pivot client supports filtering values by label and value. This is available for both OLAP data sources and relational data sources.


Freeze Pane in Virtualization

Freeze pane is a feature that allows a row or column to lock in place, making it always visible when scrolling vertically or horizontally. The spreadsheet control allows users to freeze columns to the left or right or freeze rows to the top or bottom of the worksheet.

Sunburst Chart

The sunburst chart is useful for visualizing hierarchical data. The center circle represents the root level in the hierarchy, with outer circles representing higher levels of the hierarchy.

Key Features

  • Visualize hierarchical data
  • Data label support for better readability
  • Interactively select or highlight segments.
  • Interactive legend
  • Colors can be customized

Tree Grid

Rendering Performance

Load time performance in rendering self-referential data has been improved.

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