Serialization Support in Diagram Windows Forms

Essential Diagram for Windows Forms provides extensible support for serialization, which is the process of reading and writing a collection of objects to and from an I/O stream. Essential Diagram uses the .NET serialization framework provided by the System.Runtime.Serialization namespace. Serializa... [More]

Toolbar Control with Sprite Support

Haven’t you ever experienced a slower load time issue in your application due to image resources? The obvious solution would be sprite images! Sprite image support is one of the interesting features of the Syncfusion Toolbar control in ASP.NET, wherein you can use your own sprite images for any tool... [More]

LINQ Data Table Extensions

Legacy applications, which are to be migrated to a new platform (WPF, Silverlight, etc.) require leveraging the underlying business layers too. We have an IQueryable interface implemented for DataTable in System.Data.DataSetExtensions. There are a couple of extension providers present in the .NET Fr... [More]

Dynamic LINQ Expressions - I

Generating dynamic LINQ expressions needs a bit of understanding on the IQueryable interface. Check out Matt Warren's series of posts on implementing the IQueryable interface –> LINQ Links. The strong drive for this post is that everything is strongly typed; of course we have the Dynamic LINQ lib... [More]

Grouping with WPF GridDataControl

With the Vol. 3 release, the much awaited grouping and summaries support for the WPF grid will be out. This support works with the CollectionView grouping mode. The summaries are not a part of CollectionView grouping logic, so we included high-level functions that will calculate the summaries of a g... [More]

WPF - BeginInvoke

In .NET 2.0 and Windows Forms, you can invoke an asynchronous call to a method with no arguments using code like: myControl.BeginInvoke(new MethodInvoker(AnotherMethod)); In .NET 3.0 and WPF, the equivalent code would be: myControl.Dispatcher.BeginInvoke(new Action(AnotherMethod), null); One pla... [More]