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Report Designer

Report Designer is a powerful component used to create and edit reports in open Report Definition Language (RDL) specification by products like Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services. It comes with a wide range of report items for strong visualization of data.

Connect to data

Explore data using connections to major data providers such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, OLEDB, and ODBC, and design reports with a wide range of data sources.

Query designer

Built-in SQL Query designer comes with a convenient user interface that helps both technical and non-technical users for creating and viewing relationships between tables in lesser time.

Rich selection of report elements

A rich selection of report items is built-in, including charts, grids, pivot grids, subreports, textboxes, images, lines, and rectangles for better visual representation of data.


Represents data graphically for better understanding. Better visualization and analysis of data is possible with the help of multiple axes. Common charts such as column, bar, area, line, spline, pie, doughnut, pyramid, funnel, stacked charts, and 100% stacked charts are supported with the following unique features.

  • Customizable chart axis.
  • Legend customization.
  • Number display formats.
  • Data label.


Tabular representation of data comprising the following unique features:

  • Conditional formatting.
  • Number display formats.
  • Row and column customization.

Pivot grids

Tabular representation of data with row and column grouping that contains the following unique features:

  • Conditional formatting.
  • Number display formats.
  • Row and column customization.
  • Row and column grouping.

Basic items

Report Designer provides a wide range of basic report elements such as textBox, image, line, rectangle and subreport to achieve the following:

  • Display any text content in plain or rich text format.
  • Add an embedded image to report.
  • Add a line for simpler content separation and improve readability.
  • Append bordered containers to hold your content.
  • Display another report inside the body of a main report.

Rich user interface

All available report items can easily be arranged and configured through an effective design area, and configuration options.

Drag-and-drop layout

Report elements can easily be arranged on the designer surface using simple drag-and-drop operation to design the report.

Intuitive report configuration options

All available report items can easily be configured through simple yet intuitive configuration options to customize and assign data.

Managing images

Embedded images for report items can be managed with simple configuration steps.

Dynamic parameters

Add input parameters in custom queries or stored procedures and dynamically change the parameter values in the Report Viewer. Parameters can also be used in expressions to filter data.


Built-in expression editor is available to create expressions with RDL report standard to perform additional operations such as mathematical computation, conditional formatting, inspection, conversions, and more.

Edit capabilities

Editing report items has been made simple with the support of basic editing operations such as cut, copy, paste, undo, and redo.

Save reports

Built-in support is available to save reports directly into Syncfusion Reports Server.


Report Designer adapts to your desired language with localization support for static texts.

Built-in themes

Decorate your application with built-in themes that enrich the application’s look and feel.

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