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Circular Gauge

The circular gauge looks like a speedometer in vehicles. The elements of the gauge, such as pointer, pointer cap, scales, ticks, labels, and state indicators, can be easily customized.

Easy Customization

The look and feel of a gauge is easily customized by changing the styles of the pointer, pointer cap, scales, ticks, labels, and state indicators.

State Indicator Styles

The state indicator styles available within circular gauges are circular LED, rectangular LED, rounded rectangular LED, and the normal text. The main purpose of this indicator is to show the current state of the gauge with a specific color, based on its current value.

Custom labels

The circular gauge control supports custom labels. These labels display custom text and can be customized by location, background color, and size.

Range Indicators

The gauge control supports range indicators that can be used to highlight specific ranges within a gauge scale with different colors. The users can specify their required start and end values for each range indicator within the gauge. The values can also be located at different positions, such as cross (across the scale), inside (below the scale), and outside (above the scale).

Multiple Scales and Pointers

Gauges can be customized with multiple scales and pointers within a single gauge. Any number of scale elements and pointers can be added to a gauge.

Label Format

Circular gauges provide various formatting options for labels to be displayed in any desirable format. For instance, the percent symbol can be specified to be appended after the label value.

Label Tick Customization

The appearance of a label tick marks in a circular gauge can be easily customized with its available options. The height and width of the text, its distance from the scale, and also its color can be easily customized.

Label Tooltip

Tooltip will be displayed for the gauge label and custom labels. The tooltip can be customized with templates.

Outer Custom Label

Outer custom label can be displayed on the top, left, right, and bottom of the gauge.


The gauge control provides support for exporting a gauge control into various image formats. Circular gauges can be exported into formats such as .jpg, .bmp, or .gif.

Pointer Image

The circular gauge control provides support for replacing the pointer with an image. Image pointer is applicable for marker and needle type pointers.


The legend will provide additional information and helpful in identifying the individual ranges in gauge. The circular gauge control also provides various options to customize the position, alignment, shape, size, border and font of the legend.

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