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What is the key to opening deeply nested folders with Syncfusion file manager?

I have been debugging your demonstration of the operation of the angular file manager. The specific case that calls my attention is the search, I have managed to resolve the search action and display the results perfectly. Still, when it comes time to open a folder that has been shown through results, my Syncfusion integration won't open it.

During the debugging I've done, I see that your demo does N number of ajax queries based on the folder level,

for example, if I have:


And if I open that document through search results, your system makes 4 queries with the read method,

first, your system makes a query with the path: "/"

then your system makes a second query with the pat: "/level-1",

and so on, until reaching level-4: path: "/level-1/level-2/level-3/level-4", that appears to me in the network inspection.

And that's how your breadcrumbs are formed, and the navigation panel structures the route of the folder, at least I think I understand that.

I think that to execute these nested queries your system uses the filterPath field, which is included in the results, that is, I see that the result folders have filterPath:"\\level-1\\level-2\\level-3" because in your demo the response path field comes as null.

The issue is that in my implementation that does not happen,

that is, if I go exploring the folder structure, using open, I can navigate through the entire tree.

If I run the search I get the desired results correctly, I include the filterPath the same as your demo.


But if I click open to the folder what it's at level-4, on the search results, my system does the first query of the root element, receives the response ok, and executes the second query with path:"/level-1", and although it receives the same response as in your demo with the files, corresponding to that level, including the level-2 folder.

In my implementation, it no longer continues with the following query, that's where my implementation stops, no error appears, or anything, it just doesn't do anything anymore.

So here comes my question, what is the key that nests the queries until they reach the required level folder, in this case, level-4?

Any key for me to be able to continue with the opening of nested folders?

I was able to explain both, my problem, and what I want to achieve?

Thank you very much in advance for everything.

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SA SureshRajan Alagarsamy Syncfusion Team February 14, 2023 03:20 PM UTC

Hi Alejandro,

Based on the information you provided, it appears that you are using your own file provider. At Syncfusion, we offer support for various file providers, including Azure, Amazon, and SQL. We recommend using one of our supported file providers and implementing your own code to address your requirements.

Documentation : https://blazor.syncfusion.com/documentation/file-manager/file-system-provider

If I have misunderstood your needs, please let me know the name of your file provider. Additionally, if you can provide a video demonstration or code snippet, it would be helpful in better understanding your requirements and providing an appropriate solution.



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