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Our Customers’ Innovative Applications

If you’re reading this post, then you’re probably familiar with how cool our components are. What you might not know is how cool our customers are. We at Syncfusion are always amazed at the huge variety of innovative applications and projects in which our customers use our tools. Many of them have been using our controls and platforms as part of some really awesome applications, and in this post, we’d like to show you just a few of them. Look at all the interesting things we’re in!

Charting infant activities to make parenting easier

The company Coquisoft used the Syncfusion Chart control in their application, ParentLove. This application lets parents quickly record the daily activities of their infants. Parents can keep a record, for example, of their babies’ last feeding time, when their diapers were last changed (and what was in them), and how long they’ve slept. It’s much easier to give a pediatrician a good idea of a baby’s health this way than by trying to recall such details from your sleep-deprived memory. Plus, all guardians involved in the baby’s care can just check the app to figure out what the baby might need, which is less risky than waking the previous caretaker from a dead sleep to ask.

ParentLove App

Driving apps for students keep roads safe

David Lasike developed an app for a community driving school that allows driving instructors to record their feedback for students. Students can then use that feedback to target their weaknesses for practice and improve their driving skills before taking their driving tests. Lasike was one of our first customers to use the export-to-PDF feature of the DataGrid component in his app, and was pleased enough to write an instructional blog post about it!

Deploying dashboards to study outer space

The Brazilian company Horizontes do Saber developed an application for plotting astronomical data in real time using a Dashboard that is accessible on both desktops and mobile devices. The application uses several programming languages and interacts with sensors, IoT devices, and a robotic telescope to extract ambient variables and plot them. Specifically, this data is used to help amateur astronomers study asteroids and lunar impacts, as well as contribute to cooperative astronomy in general.

The equipment from which data is gathered and plotted by Horizontes do Saber’s app.

Reporting solutions to help the environment

EarthSoft’s EQuIS line of automated workflow solutions is the most widely used environmental data management solution. EQuIS handles massive amounts of data from fields like geology, chemistry, biology, and hydrology to help clients manage and meet environment goals. They use Syncfusion’s XlsIO library to help create innovative new technical reports in EQuIS applications.

Mobile apps to improve mental health

The company WeFeel has created an application of the same name using Xamarin charts that makes it easy to track your emotions throughout a day. You can pick emotions and their intensity and add a journal entry if you want to include an explanation or reflection. The app also reminds you to use it. The results can be for your own benefit, to help you better understand what circumstances make you feel like setting the world on fire, or you can share them with healthcare professionals like your therapist.

The WeFeel app tracks your emotional health with help from our Xamarin charts.

Using big data in higher education

Professor Cristian Kevorchian is doing something cool with our Big Data Platform. Professor Kevorchian teaches the course Software Development Methods and Cloud Computing at the University of Bucharest, and he uses our Big Data Platform to show his students how large, commercial big data services work. His students play around with the platform and prepare themselves for the data-crazy job market on an education-friendly budget.

Optimizing apps to empower the visually impaired

In Spain, retired developer Josep Balague is working on a project to empower visually impaired people like himself. He is creating an app that includes several of Syncfusion’s WPF controls in their dark theme, saying that the high contrast is useful for visually impaired users. Balague is hoping that his app will give a level of independence to these users by allowing them to conduct their own daily business online, from paying bills to buying concert tickets. The last we heard, Balague was working on integrating voice recognition and hoping to provide the end product of his project to the Spanish Visually Impaired Organization for free.


Syncfusion has a lot of customers doing really cool things. These are just a few of those who were kind enough to send us details when we asked. If you’re using our controls in interesting projects, please let us know! We’d love to make a case study or feature your app in a blog post like this. Email marketing@syncfusion.com for the former, and for the latter, feel free to brag in the comments section below or on Facebook or Twitter (or email that to marketing, too; they love emails).

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