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Creating a Simple Dashboard

This post has been adapted from “Creating a Simple Dashboard,” one of Syncfusion’s growing number of informative videos.

Creating a dashboard using Syncfusion’s Dashboard Designer, part of the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform, is a simple process. For purposes of demonstration, we will be creating a straightforward dashboard to display financial information for a restaurant regarding its online orders, including expenditures, revenue, and other details.

Our End Goal

The first step is to add a data source. This can be managed from the Data Source subwindow on the right side of the main Dashboard Designer screen. Once the data source is selected, you will be taken to the data source management screen. Here, the data source can be given a custom name for ease of use while we create our dashboard. For this dashboard, we will name our data source “OrderDetails.”

The Data Source Subwindow (Highlighted)

Now that a data source has been selected and named, it is time to pull information from it to construct our dashboard. On the left side of the data source management screen, we can see a selection of menus. The Tables menu displays the categories of information pulled from the data source. This information can be added to the dashboard by dragging the desired categories from the left pane into the stage. For our purposes, we will select Orders, Restaurant, Bill, and Expense.