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Version-Mismatch after reverting to older version in release mode

Dear Customer Support,

while preparing a new product release I ran into a problem concerning the syncfusion license. To provide newest features I updated all NuGet-Packages. In this process I changed the syncfusion version to But as there is a bug with SfDataGrid behaviour, I went back to version as it is the last version whitout the previous mentioned bug. While running Debug-Mode is completly fine using emulator device and real device with usb-debugging, running the program in Release-Mode or generating setups lead to following error message (see also attached screenshot): "Syncfusion License: The included Syncfusion license (v18.4.0.*) is invalid for version Please refer to this help topic [...] for more information." I checked the mentioned page, but it does not really help with this problem.

I already tried following things:
- deleting all "bin" and "obj" folders of used projects
- clearing nuget cache
- cleaning solution and rebuild new

All included Syncfusion packages have the correct version of in every project using them. Also the correct License Key is registered as the error message shows. Still there seems to be references to version Any idea on this? Did I miss something?

Used packages are:
- Syncfusion.Licensing
- Syncfusion.Xamarin.Expander
- Syncfusion.Xamarin.SfAutoComplete
- Syncfusion.Xamarin.SfDataGrid
- Syncfusion.Xamarin.SfListView

I am looking forward to hear from You.

Kind regards


Attachment: 2022_10_License_Error_76df8e13.rar

3 Replies

JM Jeyaseelan M Syncfusion Team October 21, 2022 05:48 AM

Hi Julian,

We suspect that 20.2 packages are still being used in your projects. Please make sure all the assemblies/packages are referred from 18.4v in your project.

There are no differences in license validation while compiling in debug or release mode. Could you please ensure the packed bundle or the output folders also has the v18.4 Syncfusion assemblies only?

Our license keys are version and platform-specific. So, please ensure that all the referenced Syncfusion assemblies\NuGet packages are on the same version as the license key’s version.

Could you please try clearing your project, clearing the NuGet cache, deleting the bin\obj folders, and rebuild your application, then checking whether it resolves the issue?

Please follow the below knowledge base article to resolve the license warning message for various cases.


If the reported issue is still not resolved,  please share the following details to check from our side,  

1. TargetFrameWork and Platform of your application,

2. License key registered in your application

3. Screenshot of license key registered place.


Jeyaseelan M

JU Julian October 27, 2022 11:52 AM

Hi Jeyaseelan M,

a big thanks for all provided information. :)

I checked all nuget package references in every project. Every single used Syncfusion package has the version

Also the output folders seem to be having just Syncfusion packages with version

"Could you please try clearing your project, clearing the NuGet cache, deleting the bin\obj folders, and rebuild your application, then checking whether it resolves the issue? "

This was the first step I tried when the problem occured.

Further details asked for:

1) Target Framework: Android 12.1 API-Level 32 / Platform: Android

2) Should I really post the license key here in open forum?

3) App.xaml.cs

public App()
//some other stuff

I tried generating release versions on another PC with same code and there the problem does not occur. It seems to be a local problem. But on the other machine I did not run though the upgrade and downgrade process. So it might be still an issue then. I will let You know, if I manage to find a solution on my side.



JM Jeyaseelan M Syncfusion Team October 28, 2022 04:50 AM

Hi Julian,

We have created a support ticket under your account. Please follow up for further updates.

Jeyaseelan M

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