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Syncfusion Dashboard Platform v2.3.0.32 is available for download

Syncfusion Dashboard Platform v2.3.0.32 is available for download

Key features

Dashboard Designer

Dynamic parameters — Create or add parameters for your custom query or pass parameters to stored procedures to dynamically change its values from the dashboard viewer. Parameters can also be used in expressions and mapped for user-based filters.

Data source from data flows — The new server explorer lets you establish a connection with the Syncfusion Data Integration Platform Server and create a data source from the accessible data flows.

Common ODBC (ANSI SQL) — A new data connection to connect to a wide range of database providers that inherited ANSI SQL-92 query standards, through ODBC drivers.

Azure Analysis Services — A new data connection to connect to Tabular Model Cube hosted in Azure Cloud.

SQL Server 2005 and 2008 support — Microsoft SQL Server data connection now supports both SQL Server 2005 and 2008.

Data binding support for image — Image widget can be either bound with an image as binary data from an underlying database or through a URI.

Display last refreshed time — Two label parameters let you display the last refreshed/updated time of a dashboard or widget as title, description, and label widgets.

Get dynamically changed unsaved view as URL — Get the current unsaved view of a dashboard as a URL for sharing and commenting.

Advanced sorting options — Columns can be sorted based on alphabetical order, field values, underlying rows, or manually.

Ungrouped and non-aggregated data view in grid — Grid widget can now display either ungrouped or non-aggregated data views.

New data publish options for files and web data source connections — Data publish for files and web data source connections during dashboard publish can be done automatically to embedded databases without requiring the target data server to configure.

Dashboard Platform SDK

History maintenance of unsaved views  — Allows you to navigate through the history of unsaved views generated through dynamic user interactions with the browser back and forward buttons.

Events for viewer interactions  — Added events for interactions in the dashboard viewer to handle and customize the actions.

Date and time format  — APIs to set date and time format for the date-time values across the dashboard viewer.

Dashboard Server

Embed server dashboards — Embed the dashboard hosted in Dashboard Server in your own web application with the embed code generated for a specific view of that dashboard.

New permission — Download: Allow or restrict users from downloading the dashboards, widgets, and data sources hosted in Dashboard Server.

Custom expression editor for data alerts — Write custom expressions with columns in the widgets for advanced calculations to set as criteria for data alerts.

New APIs — APIs to manage the dashboards, widgets, and data sources, assign or revoke permissions to users and groups are added.

Time format — Display format in Dashboard Server can be set as either 12-hour or 24-hour format.

Dashboard Mobile

Save filtered views — Filter the dashboards and save the filters to view them later like in Dashboard Server.

For more details, Please contact us or email support@syncfusion.com . Thank you for your interest in the Syncfusion Dashboard Platform.
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