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What's New in Syncfusion Dashboard Platform

The Syncfusion Dashboard Platform expands its boundaries by adding: support for organizing multiple dashboards into one page as tabs, a dedicated sliding panel for accommodating filter widgets in dashboards, data notifications from the dashboard server on threshold reach, personalized home pages in the Dashboard Server, and many other features.

Dashboard Mobile App

View Dashboards on Mobile Devices

View and interact with dashboards hosted on the dashboard server from mobile devices using the available Android and iOS mobile applications.

Azure Deployment

Deploy Dashboard Server on Microsoft Azure

Easily scale your dashboard server application on demand by deploying as an Azure App Service or Azure Virtual Machine.

Server Capabilities

Data Notifications

Receive email notifications when specific values reach a threshold. For example, when the total sales is greater than $10,000.

Home Pages

Create personalized home pages by pinning widgets from across multiple dashboards. This greatly simplifies keeping track of important metrics from different dashboards.

Pinning Widgets and Dashboards

Pin any widget from a published dashboard or pin a published dashboard itself to a home page.

Turn On/Off Public Dashboards

Turn off public access to dashboards marked as public in the Dashboard Server.

Designer and Viewer Enhancements

Dedicated Filter Panel

Add filter widgets to this dedicated filter panel to accommodate more visualization widgets in the designer surface.

Multi-Tabbed Dashboards

Organize related dashboards as one file and showcase them in tabbed manner collectively in one page.

Widget Improvements

Grid Pager

Navigate across record pages using this at the bottom of the grid to find out about the total records, current page, and total pages’ details.

Custom Widgets

Add your own HTML5 and JavaScript based widgets into dashboard in few steps.

Customizable Date Formats

Customize the display format of dates in dashboard widgets as you prefer. Choose from the wide range of date formats available, including a custom date format.

Data Handling

XER File Support Under Text Document Connection

Text document connections now support establishing connections with *.xer extension type files holding tab-separated values.

Oracle 12c Database Connectivity

The Oracle ODBC connector now allows you to connect to the Oracle 12c Database.

Schema Retention on Switching Between Cross Data Connections

Switching data connections from one type to another, each having the same database with similar schema, the data configuration settings in the dashboard and its widgets are retained.

SDK Wrappers

Ionic and JSP Frameworks Support

Embed dashboards using Ionic and JSP Frameworks in web applications through wrappers with Dashboard Platform SDK.

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