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How can I create and use a GridLengthConverter Object ?

Platform: WPF| Category: GridSplitter

The following example shows how to create and use an ‘instance’ of the GridLengthConverter object. The example defines a custom method called ‘changeCol()’, which passes the ListBoxItem to a GridLengthConverter that converts the Content of a ListBoxItem to an instance of GridLength. The converted value is then passed back as the value of the ‘Width’ property of the ColumnDefinition element.

public void changeColVal(object sender, RoutedEventArgs e) 
            txt1.Text = 'Current Grid Column is ' + hs1.Value.ToString();

        public void changeCol(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs args)
            ListBoxItem li = ((sender as ListBox).SelectedItem as ListBoxItem);
            GridLengthConverter myGridLengthConverter = new GridLengthConverter();
            if (hs1.Value == 0)
                GridLength gl1 = (GridLength)myGridLengthConverter.ConvertFromString(li.Content.ToString());
                col1.Width = gl1;
            else if (hs1.Value == 1)
                GridLength gl2 = (GridLength)myGridLengthConverter.ConvertFromString(li.Content.ToString());
                col2.Width = gl2;
            else if (hs1.Value == 2)
                GridLength gl3 = (GridLength)myGridLengthConverter.ConvertFromString(li.Content.ToString());
                col3.Width = gl3;

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