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How do I do case insensitive string comparison in a Blazor page?

String comparison with case insensitivity can be carried out using the String.Compare method, where the first and second parameters are the strings to be compared and the third parameter is for ignoring case sensitivity (case insensitive comparison).

Refer to the following code.

@page "/"

<h1>Case in-sensitive string comparision</h1>

<br />

<EditForm Model="@_stringCompare">
    String 1:
    <InputText id="string1" @bind-Value="_stringCompare.String1" />
    <br />
    String 2:
    <InputText id="string2" @bind-Value="_stringCompare.String2" />
    <br />

<br />

<button @onclick="Compare">Compare</button>

<br />
<br />


<br />

@code {

    private StringCompare _stringCompare = new StringCompare();
    public string Output = "";

    public class StringCompare
        public string String1 { get; set; }
        public string String2 { get; set; }

    public async void Compare()
        int CheckValue = String.Compare(_stringCompare.String1, _stringCompare.String2, true);
        Output = "Entered Strings are " + (CheckValue == 0 ? "" : "not ") + "Similar";
        await Task.Run(() => TimeOutMethod());
        Output = "";
        await Task.CompletedTask; 

    void TimeOutMethod() => Task.Delay(3000).Wait();

You can download the reference sample here.

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