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How to make two-way binding with input date value?

Two-way binding is having a bidirectional data flow, i.e., passing the value from the property to the UI and then from the view (UI) to the property. Blazor provides support for two-way binding using the bind attribute.

Syntax for creating two-way binding property:


For e.g.., in InputDate, a form component can be used to achieve two-way data binding with input date values in a Blazor application.

Refer to the following code for more details.

<EditForm Model="@_test">
    <InputDate @bind-Value="_test.DateValue" />

<br />

<p>Selected Date: @_test.DateValue.ToLongDateString()</p>

@code {
    public class TestClass
        public DateTime DateValue { get; set; }

    private TestClass _test = new TestClass();

In this example code, when the value of _test.DateValue is changed in the code or user changes the date in the InputDate component, the same will be reflected in the paragraph, “Selected Date”.

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