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How to make one-way binding with the input date value?

One-way (unidirectional) binding is all about moving data in one direction from the “Parameter/Property” to the UI (components). You just need to add the @ symbol to the variable name (for example, @yourVariable).

For example, one-way binding with an input date value can be achieved using the InputDate component (form component in Blazor) as follows in an application.

<EditForm Model="@_test">
    <Input type="Date" Value="@_test.DateValue" />

@code {
    public class TestClass
        public DateTime DateValue { get; set; }

    private TestClass _test = new TestClass();

In this example, the property DateValue in _test class is bound to the InputDate component’s value property using the value attribute. A form is defined by the EditForm component.

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