Customer Satisfaction Ratings are Key to Improving Support
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Why Customer Satisfaction Ratings Matter…to Us and You

Why Customer Satisfaction Ratings Matter to Both You and Us

Syncfusion’s business philosophy is simple: provide the best products for the best value and create the best experience for the customer. We have integrated this philosophy with our technical support because we know that creating the best user experience means not just providing support governed by industry-standard EULAs and SLAs, or providing customers with a forum to rate the quality of support, but to make this rating immediately actionable from our side. At Syncfusion, we don’t just actively listen, we act after we listen.

How satisfied are you with our customer service?

As soon as our customers receive a response from Syncfusion Support, our customer satisfaction (CSAT) survey, which is fully integrated into BoldDesk (Syncfusion’s email-based support help desk), is sent via email. It starts with this question: “How satisfied are you with our customer service?”

Customer Satisfaction Survey
Customer Satisfaction Survey

When a customer selects a rating, the CSAT survey follows up with a feedback form, giving the customer a chance to add a more detailed response to the support ticket.

Customer Satisfaction Rating FormCustomer Satisfaction Rating Form

Customer Satisfaction Rating Form

Below is an example of an actual customer rating and how we acted on it in real-time:

CSAT Survey Customer Rating and Feedback
CSAT Survey Customer Rating and Feedback

We received this dissatisfied feedback and responded the next day with the in-depth details the customer was searching for.

Syncfusion Response and Customer Feedback to Updated Response

Syncfusion Response and Customer Feedback to Updated Response
Syncfusion Response and Customer Feedback to Updated Response

When the feature the customer inquired about was released, we let them know.

Post-Feedback Implementation of Solution
Post-Feedback Implementation of Solution

Are we for real?

Our CSAT rating system is incremental; customers can rate our service not just for shared solutions but also for interim updates. Its purpose is to enhance our accountability in the most customer-centered way, so our support is not just for sharing SLA-based responses, but it’s also for listening and being responsive to our customers’ needs in real-time.

We only use these CSAT survey ratings to augment our customer service; individual ratings will not be used for marketing or any other purpose that violates confidentiality as defined in our EULA. Ratings allow us to prioritize, to change direction in an effort to figure out the right solution, and to train our staff.

It’s that simple.

Best products, best value, and best customer experience. And you, our customers, are our center. So, rate our support. We are listening and ready to act!

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