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Introduction to ASP.NET 5 with Simone Chiaretta

A new Microsoft TechRewards video is now available from one of our Succinctly series authors. In Introduction to ASP.NET 5, presenter Simone Chiaretta takes viewers through the basics of ASP.NET 5 (soon to be known as ASP.NET Core 1.0), the newest web framework from Microsoft.

The video begins with a description of ASP.NET 5 and instructions for installation. Because ASP.NET 5 is open source and built on the .NET stack, Chiaretta spends some time describing a few of the common tools for handling apps, as well as the variety of options for getting started, including the project.json file and Linux compatibility.

Chiaretta, who co-wrote OWIN Succinctly with Ugo Lattanzi, also explains how ASP.NET 5 was deeply influenced by OWIN’s open-source philosophy and simple but effective approach to web framework logic.

The interactive portion of the presentation begins with an introduction to building a basic cross-platform Mac and Windows console application. Later, the anatomy of building a web app in ASP.NET 5 with Visual Studio 2015 is dissected step by step, with instructions for adding and implementing different files and features. Related third-party dependencies are covered as well—according to Chiaretta, one of the most exciting features of ASP.NET 5 is that third-party dependency injection frameworks are no longer needed. In addition, viewers are shown how to create empty files, providing a basis for endless app configurations for the web.