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Top 8 JavaScript Ebooks for Coding the Future

For years now, JavaScript has dominated web development. And Syncfusion’s Succinctly series has been helping developers keep up with the latest trends and frameworks. In this blog post, you’ll find the top eight Succinctly ebooks relating to JavaScript. Whether you’re new to this language and need somewhere to start, or you’re a veteran JavaScript writer, but perhaps aren’t as smooth as you’d like to be with one of these particular frameworks, these Succinctly books will help you on your way to successful web development.

Angular 2 Succinctly
by Joseph D. Booth

In Angular 2 Succinctly, learn how to set up templates, compose components from those templates, and tie them all together with modules to deliver a cohesive web app.

Download here

Ionic Succinctly
by Ed Freitas

In Ionic Succinctly, learn how to easily build cross-platform mobile apps and Progressive Web apps. The author walks through a use case of how to apply this open-source framework.

Download Here

JavaScript Succinctly
by Cody Lindley

Solidify your understanding of this language with the concise examination of JS objects and supporting nuances.

Download Here

TypeScript Succinctly
by Steve Fenton

Learn how TypeScript provides optional static typing and classes to JavaScript development.

Download Here

Gulp Succinctly
By Kris van der Mast

Favor code over configuration with the JavaScript task runner Gulp.

Download Here

jQuery Succinctly
By Cody Lindley

Examine jQuery code examples and concepts to become a seasoned jQuery developer.

Download Here

React.JS Succinctly
By Samer Buna

Examine jQuery code examples and concepts to become a seasoned jQuery developer.

Download Here

ECMAscript Succinctly
By Matthew Duffield

Learn to use ECMAScript’s new functionality and features to create advanced applications.

Download Here

All titles in the Succinctly series are free to download for everyone and always will be. If you found one of these JavaScript-related Succinctly ebooks useful, let us and future readers know in the comments below.


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