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Technology is the Secret Sauce in the New Customer Experience

In a recent interview with The Wall Street Journal, Yotel CEO Hubert Viriot explains how tech drives business today. He attributes his company’s need to innovate and advance beyond a typical hotel to the rise of Silicon Valley giant Airbnb. Instead of being threatened by the presence of Airbnb (and by technology in general), Yotel chose to evolve with technology.

From the moment Yotel launched in 2008, its employees have been thinking of ways to shape the customer experience via technology. This has helped them solidify their position in the marketplace. As a byproduct, they’ve been able to plan their business trajectory more effectively.
The statement Viriot makes is clear: no matter the industry, technology drives it. In 2016, technology must be at the core of your customer experience.
We have an inside look at how important software development has become to business. Our components power the software of many large companies, which gives us this perspective. As a consumer, you may not realize the impact of software on your experience when dealing with a company. For most companies, one thing is true in 2016: software is the secret sauce.
From concept to production to final consumer touch points, technology guides the path. Companies that can think ahead and embrace technology in their operation will outpace the competition. At the heart of this embrace is everyone’s favorite buzzword: big data.
The modern business landscape will soon not allow companies to ignore the data at their doorsteps. This is why so many of them have adopted data-driven approaches to their growth strategies. Those that think ahead and are data-driven will soon (if they don’t already) have a competitive advantage.
It will become especially important to view data at a glance for each decision maker in an organization. This is what led our own development team to create an internal dashboard solution to help with customer support. This is what eventually became Dashboard Platform.
We needed an easy way to view data on customer support incidents that was viewable at any time. Since implementing our own dashboard solution, key metrics such as the number of defects by product area, usability hotspots and more are crystal clear to all stakeholders across the organization. When the data is in front of you, the decision-making process becomes more efficient.
One thing is for sure: you can’t ignore the pairing of technology and customer experience. If you do, you may find yourself hanging out with dinosaurs.


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