Syncfusion to Sponsor Xamarin Dev Days Events – 2017 Sep

In June, we were fortunate enough to host a Xamarin Dev Days event here in Morrisville, NC, and in August a Xamarin Dev Days event in Chennai, India.
Ed Snider presenting at Xamarin Dev Days Morrisville, June 10th 2017; Source: Syncfusion
This month, we are sponsoring several world-wide Xamarin Dev Days events:
  • Sept 9th: Xamarin Dev days in Welland, Ontario, Canada
  • Sept 15th: Xamarin Dev Days Frankfurt, Germany
  • Sept: 23rd: Xamarin Dev Days Vancouver, Canada
  • Sept 30th: Xamarin Dev Days Houston, Texas
The all-day Xamarin Dev Days events provide attendees with a focused, hands-on learning experience. Each morning of the event is spent exploring mobile development in expert-led sessions, while the afternoon is dedicated to coding. With Xamarin.Forms, developers can build cross-platform native UIs with one, shared C# codebase.
Each attendee will receive a free license for our Essential Studio for Xamarin–a suite of over 90 controls for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, and Xamarin.Forms. The latest Essential Studio release introduced a new image editor, a new sunburst chart component, text searching in the PDF viewer, and more for Xamarin. 
 Essential Studio for Xamarin; Source: Syncfusion
To register now for a local Xamarin Dev Days, please go here
Further resources:  
If you’d like to learn about Xamarin in advance, please check out our free video series “Learn Xamarin” presented by Microsoft MVP Alessandro del Sole, on the Syncfusion YouTube Channel.
Syncfusion’s Learn Xamarin Playlist; Source: Syncfusion


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