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Syncfusion Hosts Xamarin Dev Days

Syncfusion sponsored another Xamarin Dev Days event at Hablis Hotel in Chennai to showcase how developers can build cross-platform native UIs and provide attendees with a focused, hands-on learning experience. About 60 developers attended the event.

Harikrishnan of Syncfusion introduced Xamarin. He spoke about how Visual Studio is well integrated with Xamarin and other platforms, basic environment setup, native Android and OS mobile development using Xamarin, architecting mobile apps, simplifying development, plugins, and how to deploy images using cognitive services.

Rohit Vipin Matthews, an associate technical architect at CES challenged why they should try Xamarin, and explained the basics of Xamarin, cross-platform native UIs with Xamarin.Forms, latest and greatest in Xamarin.Forms, and the future of Xamarin.

Nish Anil, senior program manager for Xamarin at Microsoft, began the session with connected and disconnected apps with Azure Mobile Apps. He challenged the developers to develop native apps that stand out and keep the attention of the users.

He talked about the importance of Azure Mobile Apps, and told how powerful and flexible it is.  He also explained cross-platform client SDK and open source C#. He showed how to build a backend, create tables, and how Xamarin supports offline syncing, push notifications with notification hub, and authentication.