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Syncfusion 2014: The Year in Review

Now that 2014 has drawn to a close, we at Syncfusion are gearing up for another great year full of exciting opportunities. This past year saw a number of milestones that we are quite proud of:

· Four major updates to the Essential Studio suite brought new and improved features to our flagship product. With over 500 controls for over a dozen platforms, including new Xamarin, iOS, and Android support, the Essential Studio suite has never been better!

· We brought our years of expertise to the field of data science with our Big Data Platform and Essential Predictive Analytics.

· The Syncfusion Plus Program added tremendous value for Essential Studio Enterprise Edition license holders by providing more solutions, including our new Big Data Platform, at no additional cost.

· We published our 50th Succinctly series e-book, continuing our efforts to provide free resources to help the developer community grow.

· Our redesigned website is better looking and easier to navigate than ever before.

Thanks to all Syncfusion customers for making 2014 a wonderful year! We look forward to making 2015 even better.


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