Recap: Xamarin Dev Days at Syncfusion – 2017 June

This past Saturday, Syncfusion was honored to host Xamarin Dev Days for the Xamarin developer community at our office in Morrisville, NC. Xamarin Dev Days are full day events full of workshops about Xamarin.Forms and include a hands-on lab in the afternoon.

There were about 34 attendees here to learn about cross-platform mobile development. Many attendees told us that they were either new to working with Xamarin.Forms or starting with some projects for work. A few were dabblers in Xamarin, such as one attendee who was visiting from Jamaica. As an Android developer, he thought that he needed to learn cross-platform development as well and was happy to have the time to attend the workshops.  Another attendee told us of his exciting work in the hospitality industry creating systems to monitor hotel chain operations and getting to travel to each location to install and test those. Who wouldn’t want a free trip to Iceland to go skiing? Other attendees were already using our Community License Edition in their startup efforts and were starting to build cross-platform mobile apps with our controls and Xamarin.Forms.

There was an excited energy around this group of mobile developers at the event. To guide them through the sessions we had three enthusiastic speakers: Aaron Melamad, Dan Rigby, and Ed Snider.

Speakers Aaron Melamed, Dan Rigby, and Ed Snider; Source: Syncfusion 

Our speakers are three knowledgeable professionals who brought equal parts enthusiasm and expertise to the conference. Aaron Melamad is a Product Solutions Specialist at Syncfusion. Dan Rigby is a Xamarin Technical Solutions Professional at Microsoft. Ed Snider is a senior software engineer, speaker, author, and Xamarin MVP. Together they were able to foster an energetic atmosphere for the day’s sessions.

We started the morning with breakfast bagels and coffee for attendees and a quick introduction.  It was fun moment when I mentioned that each attendee gets a free license to Essential Studio for Xamarin, that I got applause!  They were eager to check out our 90 + components for Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android and Xamarin.Forms.

Syncfusion SWAG & Xamarin SWAG; Source: Syncfusion