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Maximizing Global License Benefits in Four Steps

As technology builds and builds upon itself, yielding spectacular products, a certain truth is being hidden: Beneath the friendly interfaces and seamless data flows rests a foundation of growing complexity.

This complexity can be consuming; simplifying the hidden tangle of components and frameworks is the mandate of every manager. Handling the licensing alone could cause one to spend countless hours understanding contract terms and assigning users.

Syncfusion’s Global License frees you from that. It lets you cover all your developers for one fixed price. Here are four ways you can use it to your maximum advantage.

Give Everyone Access to All Syncfusion Products

With the Global License, you can access the lion’s share of Syncfusion’s products—all our controls and frameworks, and everything in our Data Platform. But not just you, your entire team has this access. And not just your team as it is now, but your team as it grows will still be covered by one license for one price.

That means when you purchase a Global License today, you’re making a purchase for all the projects you’ll be working on tomorrow. You might purchase the license because you need our Report Platform, but in a year’s time, you may need the data visualization components found in our chart and gauge controls. Having access to such a comprehensive suite means you’ll be in strong position to address any future development needs, irrespective of what projects may come.

Use Syncfusion Support to Maintain Project Momentum

With the Global License, you have access to our client relations team (CRT)—a resource for product education, account servicing, and technical support. By working with one CRT representative who is dedicated to your account, you have a direct communication pathway into Syncfusion with a person who wants to know about the app you’re working on, and wants to help you complete it. This person will also make sure you’re aware of any product falling under the license that may enhance your application.

In addition to a person, you’ll also have an online portal you can use to manage all your developers who are using Syncfusion products. You can see the status of their support incidents and dive into those incidents when needed. This transparent support model gives you opportunity to not only monitor your team’s support tickets, but to also interject when needed.

Share the License for Greater Cost Efficiency

As you add developers, your per-user cost for the Global License decreases, naturally, since you only pay one fee for unlimited users. You are thusly incentivized to share your access with other departments within your organization.

Say you know another department is building an app that could use something from Syncfusion’s suite. By sharing your license with that department, you are effectively cutting the cost to your department.

Sharing Syncfusion’s Global License across departments also prevents the type of contract redundancy that occurs when two or more departments enter different contracts for the same goods or services. Syncfusion has, over the years, deliberately positioned itself to be a single source for developer solutions. Hence, if other departments in your organization are developing applications, there’s a good chance they’re looking at Syncfusion products as well. If your team has already acquired a bank of experience regarding Syncfusion solutions, you’ll be able to save another team a lot of startup time by sharing your knowledge.

Call on Consulting

Using Syncfusion consulting services is a wonderful way to add additional resources to your team. The process is simple. You send us your requirements, we mock up a solution—estimating cost and time—and then a project manager works with you and our developers to ensure that milestones are reached and deliverables arrive on time.

Global License Webinar with Pat Staley

If you’re still not sure that the Global License is right for you, watch our October webinar, in which Pat Staley, Syncfusion’s client relations manager, explains the benefits of the Global License in greater detail.


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