Go Cloud Brings New Functionality to Go Programming

The Go programming language recently received a significant update in the form of a new open source project, Go Cloud. As the name suggests, Go Cloud intends to expand the power of Go to be accessible nearly anywhere a developer may want to work on it. To achieve this, the Go team focused on creating a set of generic APIs that would allow Go to work well with an array of cloud services. With sufficient support, developers would have access to Go on nearly any cloud platform they needed. The ultimate goal isn’t to chain Go developers to a proprietary service or product, but to give them the option to work with the cloud providers they are most comfortable with, even if it changes over time. To learn more about how Go Cloud works, visit the official site.

But what if you are new to Go, or simply want to learn more about this programming language to see if it is right for you? If you aren’t ready to dive into the latest features, you could get a comprehensive introduction by reading Syncfusion’s Go Succinctly by Mark Lewin. Despite being only 104 pages, this ebook allows newcomers to Go to quickly come to grips with the unique features of Go and begin using it in their own projects. With new features such as Go Cloud always improving it, there’s never a bad time to jump in and learn how to develop with Go.

Are you excited about Go Cloud? What cloud services do you most want to see supported? Let us know in the comments below.

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