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Debunking Data Science Myths and Doing It Yourself

Data science, the word used to encapsulate varying topics like analytics, modeling, machine learning, and more, has come into its own as a competitive weapon in business.

At its core, data science is a process of testing hypotheses for the sake of making better guided business decisions. Sounds simple enough. But data science is often perceived as something reserved for elite companies, those equipped with legions of actual data scientists, the cash to hire those scientists and purchase the expensive tools they require, and the right kind of data worth analyzing.

Here’s the thing: any business can apply data science to its work. There’s a right way to do it. Whether a business wants to examine its hiring process or seasonal inventories, where there’s data, there’s an application for data science.

Don’t believe it? Read “10 Myths About Data Science” by Daniel Jebaraj, Syncfusion’s latest white paper. In it you’ll learn much more about the essence of data science, the skill and hardware required to implement it, and why it’s a tool for any business.


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