ASP.NET Core Webinar—Syncfusion Answers Your Questions

Syncfusion recently hosted a webinar on our new ASP.NET Core support. We were thrilled to receive so much interest on the topic, but unfortunately didn’t have enough time to answer every we question we received. To make up for that, we are answering some of those questions today.

Will this recording be made available so it can be viewed later?

Yes, it will! You can find the recording for this webinar on the Syncfusion YouTube channel.

Will you provide the project files from this webinar?

Yes! They can be found here:

Regarding the JavaScript for the chart: how do I know what to write in order to get it to work?

Please refer to the Getting Started section of our ASP.NET Core entry on our support site. You can begin here:

Is there trial software available?

Yes, a free, 30-day trial is available for download. In addition, the Syncfusion Community License provides these components for free to eligible developers.

Is there a quick start guide to install all the components needed to run the awesome code we just saw?

The evaluation download contains all of our samples, showcasing all of the underlying code for these components. The samples are also available at

Are all of the controls responsive?

All Syncfusion controls are responsive.

Is Typescript supported?

These controls do support Typescript.

Does the client support unit testing?

Yes. The client code has no real limits because of the Core backend.

Are there plans to migrate these controls and framework to HTML5, given that many enterprises are blocking JavaScript?

In the short term, we are reliant on JavaScript.

Do you have plans to do a webinar for Angular2 components?

Yes, we plan to host a webinar on Angular 2 components.


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