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Achieve Agile Analytics at Scale with Syncfusion and Azure

Syncfusion’s latest white paper, “Achieve Agile Analytics at Scale with Syncfusion and Azure,” is now available from the Syncfusion white paper portal! In this white paper, Syncfusion Vice President Daniel Jebaraj provides an overview of how the Syncfusion Big Data and Dashboard Platforms can work with Microsoft Azure to harness the power of the cloud.

Microsoft Azure is a popular Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) choice for enterprise developers, providing a significant and increasing number of features to users across its collection of services. Syncfusion’s controls mesh with these services to offer a variety of enhancements. Specific functionality that Syncfusion brings to Azure include:

  • Point-and-click simplicity
  • Full customization
  • Complete flexibility
  • Plug-and-play widgets
  • Use-specific configurability
  • Open APIs

With these features, Syncfusion builds upon Azure’s already robust offerings. Developers can now incorporate an entire platform into their application, opening new levels of productivity and allowing the application and platform to share the same back end and authentication services. Coupled with Syncfusion’s flat-fee licensing, an improved production process has never been more cost effective or simple.


Syncfusion acts as a bridge between Azure and your data.

To learn more about how Syncfusion and Azure work together, be sure to read the entire white paper.


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