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C++ Succinctly

Published on: Jul 7, 2014

Author : Michael McLaughlin

Categories :

Programming languages

Pages : 127

Formats : Amazon Kindle and PDF

Price : FREE


C++ Succinctly was written to help professional C# developers learn modern C++ programming. The aim of this book is to leverage your existing C# knowledge in order to expand your skills. Whether you need to use C++ in an upcoming project, or simply want to learn a new language (or reacquaint yourself with it), this book will help you learn all of the fundamental pieces of C++ so you can begin writing your own C++ programs.

Table of Contents
  1. Types
  2. Namespaces
  3. Functions and Classes
  4. Storage Duration
  5. Constructors, Destructors, and Operators
  6. Resource Acquisition is Initialization
  7. itemers, References, and Const-Correctness
  8. Casting in C++
  9. Strings
  10. C++ Language Usages and Idioms
  11. Templates
  12. Lambda Expressions
  13. C++ Standard Library
  14. Visual Studio and C++

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