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What’s New in Essential Studio for ASP.NET

Essential Studio for ASP.NET enhances web development with the addition of a new combo box, server filtering for drop-down lists, and stacked headers for tree grid.

Combo Box

New control

The combo box component allows the user to type a value or choose an option from a list of predefined options. When the arrow icon that accompanies this component is clicked, the drop-down displays a list of values from which the user can select one.

Key Features

  • Data binding: Allows binding and accessing the list of items from local or server-side data sources.
  • Grouping: Supports grouping of logically related items under a single or specific category.
  • Sorting: Supports sorting list items in alphabetical order, either ascending or descending.
  • Filtering: Allows filtering list items based on a character typed in the component.
  • Templates: Allows customizing the list items, selected value, header, footer, category group header, and no records content.
  • Accessibility: Built-in accessibility support helps provide access to all the component’s features through the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.

Spell Checker

New control

The new spell checker control finds and highlights misspelled words, typically by comparing them to a stored list of dictionary words.

Key Features

  • Highlights misspelled words based on user-customized style.
  • Ignores alphanumeric, mixed case, and uppercase words as well as URL links.
  • Ignores specific collections of words using a user-customized dictionary.
  • Displays all possible suggestions based on user-specified count.
  • Renders with optimal user interfaces on phone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Evaluates one or more HTML elements such as div, span, textarea, and input elements.


Search indices for multicolumn pop-up

Display format and search fields in the multicolumn autocomplete control can now be differentiated, allowing users to search any number of fields in the suggestion list without modifying the selected text format.


Axis label breaks

Provided support for displaying axis labels in multiple lines.

Show outside data labels

Partially visible data labels can now be displayed inside the chart area.

Automatic label format for date-time and date-time category axis

The label format for the date-time and date-time category axis can be updated automatically based on the interval type.

Data Manager


The anti-forgery token can be used to help protect the application against cross-site request forgery. It generates a hidden form field (anti-forgery token) that is validated when the form is submitted.

Additional data operations

IN and NotIN filter operations have been provided for specifying multiple values in a WHERE filter.


User handle alignment

Support has been added to customize the user handle position with a desired location.

Port enhancement

Ports can now be dragged to reposition them.

Symmetric layout

Symmetric layout is an automatic layout used to arrange the diagram in a circular and symmetrical fashion.

Label interaction

Interaction support has been provided for labels. They can be selected, dragged, resized, and rotated.

Essential DocIO

Word-to-PDF enhancements

Essential DocIO now allows Word documents with line numbers to be converted to PDFs with their original formatting.

Clone and merge enhancements

An option has been added to restart or continue list numbering when merging Word documents.

Server filtering

This feature filters a data source when text is typed in the search box. Filtering is done based on the collection that contains matchings item from the entire data source.

Server filtering: Remote data

Server filtering: Local data

File Explorer

Mouse selection support

Provided support for managing files/folders selection using mouse in the file explorer control.


Resource allocation view

The Gantt control now provides support for a resource allocation view. Using this view, the user can interpret tasks occurring on same dates and the over-allocation of resources in a project.

Sequencing tasks

It is now possible to display tasks with serial or sequence number based on the row order.

Multiple row selection

It is now possible to select multiple rows and perform indent and negative indent actions.

Column filtering

It is now possible to filter specific fields or columns in the Gantt control.

Expand/collapse records at levels

The Gantt control now provides support for expanding and collapsing records at specific levels.


Add current selection to filter option in Excel filter menu

The add current selection to filter check box is now displayed while searching, allowing users to add the currently selected or cleared check box list data along with already-filtered data in the grid.

Between operator option in menu filter

The between operator option has been added in the menu filter for filtering grid records based on the specified range.

Export template column

Export the grid with template columns in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.

Export details template

Export the grid with the details template in Excel, PDF, and Word file formats.


External drag and drop

The Kanban control now supports drag-and-drop operations between the Kanban board and other controls.

Kanban column without data source

Kanban columns can be rendered without binding a data source and an option has been included to add new cards dynamically.

Pivot Chart

Paging support for Mondrian Server (Client Mode)

Paging splits large records into separate segments so you can view data easily. It also improves the performance of the pivot controls connected to Mondrian Server.

Pivot Client

Paging support for Mondrian Server (Client Mode)

Paging splits large records into separate segments so you can view data easily. It also improves the performance of the pivot controls connected to Mondrian Server.

Pivot Grid

Paging support for Mondrian Server (Client Mode)

Paging splits large records into separate segments so you can view data easily. It also improves the performance of the pivot controls connected to Mondrian Server.


Designer support

We have improved designer support for the ribbon component in ASP.NET Web Forms.


Excel exporting of appointments

Supports exporting the appointment collection in an Excel format, along with the field customization to export only the specified columns of appointment data.

Auto-scroll viewable area while dragging appointments to the edges

Auto-scroll support is added now, so that while dragging an appointment to the top or bottom edges of the viewable area the schedule will scroll accordingly.

Persisting scroll position on refresh

The scroller position on the schedule can be persisted now, even after refreshing the entire layout.

Printing appointments with background color

Appointments can be now printed with proper background color.

Displaying specific date collection

Additional support to display only the user-specific date collection is included, which can be of a periodic date range collection or a different date collection.


Button support

A button that can be hidden has been added to allow increments and decrements to the slider value.

Tree Grid

Stacked header

The tree grid control now provides support for stacked column headers.

Header context menu

The tree grid control now provides support for context menus for column headers.

Excel filtering

The tree grid control now provides support for an Excel-like menu for filtering column values.

Toolbar filtering

It is now possible to filter tree grid contents using toolbar filtering.

Essential XlsIO

Chart to image enhancement

The manual layout position of chart elements like the legend, titles, plot area, and display units are now properly converted into images.

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