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setting cell values programmatically

Hi, I''m trying to set some cells with values once a selection is made from a drop down grid in the first colunm. Here is a snip of the code: private void CurrentCellEditingComplete(object o, EventArgs e) { String usrcode; int row; if (this.gridDataBoundGrid1.CurrentCell.ColIndex == 3) { row = this.gridDataBoundGrid1.CurrentCell.RowIndex; usrcode = ap(this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Model[row, 3].CellValue.ToString()); this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Model[row, 5].CellValue = GTHub.utils.getsval("select max(description) from accodes where usrcode =" + usrcode).Trim(); this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Model[row, 4].CellValue = GTHub.utils.getsval("select max(acctcode) from accodes where usrcode =" + usrcode); this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Model[row, 2].CellValue = Convert.ToInt64(this.comboBoxExt1.Text); this.gridDataBoundGrid1.Model.ColWidths.ResizeToFit(GridRangeInfo.Rows(0, 20), GridResizeToFitOptions.NoShrinkSize); } } private void gridDataBoundGrid1_Leave(object sender, System.EventArgs e) { this.gridDataBoundGrid1.CurrentCell.EndEdit(); this.CurrentCellEditingComplete(null, null); } It''s weird, it puts the first value in the right place, but the next 2 are put in a new row with the rest of the cols null. If i rearange them the same thing happens, the first is good, the next 2 aren''t. then saving with an sqladapter.update of course messes up the table with these 2 rows. any explanation? thanks.

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CL Colin Lamarre January 16, 2004 07:36 PM UTC

Forgot to mention that this behavior only happens when a row other than the current row is used to click away from the drop down col. If i click on the same row it works fine. Using v1.6.1.8

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team January 16, 2004 08:20 PM UTC

Try doing your code in CurrentCellValidating (or CurrentCellMoving). These occur earlier than moving process than CurrentCellEditingComplete.

CL Colin Lamarre January 16, 2004 10:02 PM UTC

Hi, i tried a few other events like currentcellchanged etc, i just tried the validating one. the problem is that the cell value isn''t set to the new drop down choice yet. that''s why i went with CurrentCellEditingComplete. how would you get the new value inside these other events? TIA!

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team January 19, 2004 11:13 AM UTC

In CurrentCellValidating, you get the current value from the Renderer. GridCurrentCell cc = this.grid.CurrentCell; string newValue = cc.Renderer.ControlText;

CL Colin Lamarre January 19, 2004 12:56 PM UTC

That worked! thanks alot! you can close the ticket i just opened...

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