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RecordNavigationBar: changing the asterisk

Hi, I want to change the asterisk in the RecordNavigationBar to something like "New". Don''t think the users here will know what an asterisk means. I''m using the RecordNavigationBar to navigate the db with a bunch of textboxes. Thank you

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 22, 2003 07:04 AM UTC

This AddNew icon is similar the one in Microsoft Access. That asterisk is actually a bitmap which is a private static member, ArrowPaint.starBmp, that is in the sealed class ArrowPaint. I don't see a simple way just to swap it out. If you have the source code, you could easily modify that to display a different bitmap, but then you would have to have build and a use your own version of Shared.

CL Colin Lamarre December 22, 2003 09:05 AM UTC

Hi Clay, I do have the source, but i can''t find an easy step by step guide to modifying and distributing a modified version. I know how to use the assembly manager, but even if i choose "force rebuild" it doesn''t take into account my mods. also there''s dups in workbook dir, what is workbook, do i modify those or not? i read something about signing the dlls, how do you do that? I am kinda new to dot net, started at the same time as syncfusion... forgive my newbie status! Thanks!

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team December 22, 2003 06:03 PM UTC

If you want to compile your own assemblies from our Syncfusion libraries and use them in the GAC, then you will have to use the strong name utility, sn.exe, to provide an appropriate snk file to sign your custom libraries. If you open up the Assembly.cs file from the Syncfusion.Shared project files, you will see some notes on signing your assemblies. So if you are making changes to the Shared source, then you will have to compile the modified library. And you will have to assign it a new strong name key using the sn.exe utility found in the \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\FrameworkSDK\Bin folder. 1) So, first create a snk file for your build by running sn.exe from a cmd prompt similar to: sn -k myCompany.snk (You can look up sn.exe in the online MS help for more information on this utility.) Then copy this snk file to the same folder (..\Syncfusion\Essential Suite\Shared ) that holds the sf.publicsnk file that the shared normally uses. 2) Then load the C:\Program Files\Syncfusion\Essential Suite\Shared\Src\Syncfusion.Shared.sln into VisStu. Open up the AssemblyInfo.cs file and look for the reference to sf.publicsnk in the code and replace it with your snk file ( myCompany.snk ). Also, change the Delayed signing attribute to false. Now rebuild the library. This should build a new Syncfusion.Shared.DLL in the Bin folder that uses your cahnged code and is signed with its own key so you can deploy it.

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