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DataboundGrid BeginUpdate is not suspending painting in custom sorting

Hi, In my databound grid, when the user double clicks on a column, I want to use my own custom sorting method. So I created a hidden column "SortOrder" and changing the values in that column everytime the user double clicks on a col header. After that I use currencymanager and bindinglist to sort it. In the attached sample, I have derived from DataboundGrid( VS.NET 2003) and it has datatable (which is part of a dataset) as the datasource. I have overridden the SortColumn(int colIndex) method from base class. I cut/pasted SortField() code from the Syncfusion databound grid. I commented out BinderSort(fieldNum) and added my sorting logic there. In my sorting logic, I am updating DataRow["SortOrder"] values. Run the attached sample, keep double clicking on the name column to see the values scrolling. I want to suppress the painting until sorting is completed. Eventhough I have BeginUpdate() and EndUpdate() around my code, why is the grid painting? Also, Is there anyway to show the sort icon on current column header even though I am sorting on "SortOrder" column? thanks, - Reddy

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AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 3, 2003 03:47 PM UTC

Call SuspendBinding after BeginUpdate and ResumeBinding after EndUpdate: /// public override void SortColumn(int colIndex) { bool hasCC = CurrentCell.HasCurrentCell; //int colIndex = CurrentCell.ColIndex; BeginUpdate(); this.Binder.SuspendBinding(); try { int fieldNum = this.Binder.ColIndexToField(colIndex); Console.WriteLine("Customer Sorting fieldNum = " + fieldNum); if (CommitChanges()) { CollapseAll(); //Binder.Sort(fieldNum); // use custom sorting string fieldName = this.Binder.InternalColumns[fieldNum].MappingName; DataTable table = this.DataSource as DataTable; SortTable(fieldName, table, GetSortDirection()); Selections.Clear(); Refresh(); if (hasCC) { CurrentCell.MoveTo(Binder.CurrentRowIndex, colIndex); } } } finally { this.Binder.ResumeBinding(); EndUpdate(); } } BTW - I recently worked on a similar example so that you can sort a databound grid with the foreign key of a combobox displaymember. I'll attach it although it looks like you already got it working your way. But maybe it still helps. Stefan

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 3, 2003 07:17 PM UTC

Stefan, Thank you very much for your reply. Now my painting problem is gone. I have a complex tree sorting that can not be done using the datasource technique you mentioned above. How can I show the little sort direction icon in my header cell on which the user double clicked (even through I am actually sorting based on a hidden column 'SortOrder')? I tried setting this[0, curColIndex].Tag = ListSortDireciton.Ascending. It does not work. thanks, - Reddy

AD Administrator Syncfusion Team October 3, 2003 08:33 PM UTC

You need to do that in QueryCellInfo. Check out the QueryCellInfo code in the sample. You should do something similar. Stefan

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