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Error msg - Object Collection: Couldn’t find items indicated by text.

when trying to run a Stored procedure on Oracle Database from VB application I get the next error: "Object Collection: Couldn’t find items indicated by text." the code that I use look like that: Private Sub btnGetServerDate_Click() Dim QSQL As String Dim CPw1 As rdoQuery Dim Iusername, Ipassword As String Dim Rs As rdoResultset On Error GoTo ErrorHandler ' Enable error-handling routine. QSQL = "{call Get_Sys_Time(?)}" Set CPw1 = gCn.CreateQuery("", QSQL) CPw1(0).Type = rdTypeDATE CPw1(0).Direction = rdParamOutput CPw1.Execute If (CPw1(0) <> 0) Then txtServerDate.Text = CPw1(0).Value End If CPw1.Close GoTo Sub_Exit ErrorHandler: ' Error-handling routine. MsgBox Str(Err.Number) + Chr(13) + Err.Description, _ vbCritical + vbOKOnly, "CMS API Tester - Error" Sub_Exit: End Sub The stord procedure code is: PROCEDURE Get_Sys_Time ( oTime OUT DATE ) IS BEGIN oTime := SYSDATE; END Get_Sys_Time; on my Work Station it is working but on other work station is not. even if I install MDAC 2.7 and win2k sp3. can somebody can help???

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