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TableDescriptor columns order

Hi, How the columns order is assigned in TableDescriptor?. The Datasource of my Grouping control is a struct. Just after datasource was set, the TableDescriptor has different columns order (which defines display order)then struct had. So how could I control columns order?

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Administrator July 17, 2006 07:02 AM UTC

Hi Irina, Refer to the KnowledgeBase(KB) article link below, that helps in doing this. http://www.syncfusion.com/support/kb/grid/Default.aspx?ToDo=view&questId=159 Thanks for using Syncfusion Products. Regards, Rajagopal

IJ Irina Jouk July 17, 2006 05:09 PM UTC

Hi Rajagopal, In TableDescriptor by default I have col#3 ''Memo'' and col#6 ''Hours'' When I try to change the order of both columns to display first ''Hours'' and then ''Memo'' by using tableDescriptor.Columns[3].Name="Hours" I get an error {"Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: \"Hours\" Key being added: \"Hours\"" } When I use tableDescriptor.VisibleColumns[3].Name="Hours", it works, but when later in TableModel_SaveCellFormattedText event I use grpctrlActivityList.TableDescriptor.NameToField("Hours") it returns original col index (i.e. #6). Looks like VisibleColumns order is changed but not Columns order. What can I do with that? Thanks

Administrator July 18, 2006 12:19 AM UTC

If you want to move columns in the Columns collection, then try using TableDescriptor.Columns.Move. //move "Col2" to position 2 in the Columns collection int col4 = gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.Columns.IndexOf("Col4"); gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.Columns.Move(col4, 2); Or, you can use gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.Columns.Remove to remove an existing and then use gridGroupingControl1.TableDescriptor.Columns.Insert to insert it somewhere else in the collection.
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